SmackDown LIVE Highlights – Aleister Black Gets A Challenger

Smackdown Highlights

A night following a Monday Night Raw that many would consider good, there was plenty of hope going into SmackDown LIVE. Unfortunately, the blue brand could not answer that call. The best moment on the entire show may have included dead silence as the show concluded with yet another match between Dolph Ziggler and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Here are the Smackdown LIVE highlights.

Smackdown LIVE Highlights: The Door of Aleister Black is finally Knocked On

We are getting closer and closer to the re-debut of Aleister Black. After weeks of Black pleading, begging someone to knock on his door and pick a fight with him, the door was finally knocked on. Before so, Black was freaking out. He questioned if this was really the highest level because for some reason no one had knocked. Then, the light would cut out as someone finally was knocking on his door, ready to pick that fight. Aleister Black had a creepy look on his face rise as he finally would have the opportunity to fade someone to black. “The Dutch Destroyer” is on his way. Who is the one to face the wrath of Aleister Black?

Smackdown LIVE Highlights: Ali is prepared to Light the Way

Ali was not on TV this week, but the video released by the WWE on Sunday. Ali’s true character is being brought to SmackDown LIVE as someone who will be a fan-favorite through time. It is time to chase the light with Ali as he lights the way for those who have doubts, those who suffer, and those who are fans of the incredible performer. This is the Oath of Ali.

Smackdown LIVE Highlights: Ember Moon vs Sonya Deville

Smackdown Highlights
Photo: WWE

When crafting the “Land of the Underutilized” for SmackDown LIVE, Ember Moon was among those at the top of the list. And truthfully, Sonya Deville would be too if she wasn’t on TV most weeks, but she and Mandy Rose have been a key part of SmackDown, even if it is just backstage. Now, after weeks of Mandy and Sonya getting in the face of Ember, Moon, and Deville were in action one-on-one. Mandy Rose would get involved, as this would lead to Deville sending Ember Moon into the LED post. This would knock out Moon as Deville would pin her in the middle of the ring to win the match. It was nice to see two women of the SmackDown brand get a match, especially two that have earned it. The rivalry between these Ember and Fire N Desire is sure to continue in the future.

SmackDown LIVE MVP: Shinsuke Nakamura

Finn Balor returned to TV for the first time in weeks to talk with Kayla Braxton in a backstage interview. Braxton would first bring up Finn’s successful defense at WWE Super Showdown over Andrade before asking what was next before Finn Balor. Before Finn could even give a response, you could notice him looking at someone off camera. That someone was Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura made it clear that he wants the Intercontinental Championship by hitting the Too Sweet on the belt. The excitement is not only the fact these two are about to go to battle for the first time on the main roster, but also Shinsuke Nakamura is back and seems like his old self, which is truly the best version. “The King of Strong Style” is back.

SmackDown’s big moments this week were simple yet effective to get over certain superstars who have been held off TV recently. From Aleister Black finally getting to prepare for battle to Shinsuke Nakamura returning to TV, excitement in future weeks is sure to happen. If you missed the list of underutilized talent from either Raw or SmackDown LIVE, be sure to check them out.

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