SmackDown LIVE Highlights Rundown – #AndNEW 24/7 Champion… Drake Maverick (6/18/19)

Smackdown LIVE Highlights

The last show heading into WWE’s annual makeshift PPV, this time being named WWE Stomping Grounds, was SmackDown LIVE last night. Heading into the night, the announced segments would include a special “Moment of Bliss” with Alexa Bliss and her guest Bayley, along with a matchup between WWE Championship contender Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods. You know the drill, let us look at the Smackdown LIVE highlights.

Smackdown LIVE Highlights: “Moment of Bliss” Gets Ugly

Photo: WWE

Why does Alexa Bliss always have to be around Bayley when she has a championship? Please get her away. Bad things happen to Bayley when she feuds with Alexa Bliss. Proven in 2017 when Bayley’s popularity quickly disappeared following her feud with Bliss. At least this time it isn’t all about Bayley being Mrs. Goody Good but instead has a different edge. Bayley showed up to a “Moment of Bliss” with a Rey Mysterio shirt on and Alexa’s coffee in hand.

Things would escalate immediately as it felt Bliss looked to “shoot” on Bayley. The smack by Bliss would continue, saying she is just placeholder champion and will lose it to her on Sunday. Alexa said to Bayley that she peaked in NXT while she is living the career that Bayley had hoped for, leading Bayley to attack Bliss. Nikki Cross would pull Bayley off of Bliss, allowing the “Goddess” to hit a forearm on the SmackDown Women’s Champion heading into their match this Sunday. Here is to hoping Bayley gets the last laugh in this feud.

Smackdown LIVE Highlights: Daniel Bryan on Commentary

Photo: WWE

When wrestlers speak the truth, it can lead to fans booing them rather than cheering them. That is exactly what Daniel Bryan does and that was proven on commentary during Heavy Machinery’s match. Bryan made the point that he would be more worried if the two men would care more than just try and have fun. Bryan would also hilariously say how he’d just move out of the way when Otis would go for the Caterpillar Pointing out their finish, The Compactor, as something to worry about just made such simple sense but proved the greatness of Daniel Bryan. It is a short match which fans should go back to enjoy the greatness of Daniel Bryan on commentary.


SmackDown LIVE MVP: Drake Maverick

Photo: Drake Maverick

The boyhood dream has come true. After weeks of hunting for R-Truth and even getting his own T-Shirt in the process, Drake Maverick has done it. The 205 Live General Manager has finally upped Truth and has won the 24/7 Championship. When the 24/7 Championship was introduced, it was mocked. Now it has proved to be the most entertaining thing aside from the Firefly Fun House on either show.

It would happen as the referee would get out of his car and Truth would turn and notice “mini me” Carmella which was clearly Maverick. He would go for the attack, but Truth would hit an elbow on him and head for the car to escape. Instead, Drake Maverick would roll him up and finally win the gold. Maverick 24:7 will live forever as he gets married this weekend! He will probably lose it at the wedding because that is how great this title is.

A show that continued a strong build between Bayley and Alexa Bliss and was topped off by Drake Maverick accomplishing his dream could honestly have been much worst. This show was a thumbs up for entertainment and some solid in-ring work by Xavier Woods and Dolph Ziggler especially. Make sure to check back for the WWE Stomping Grounds Preview as the brand new PPV is live this Sunday.

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