Raw Highlights Rundown – The Revival Are Tag Team Champs (6/10/19)

The Revival

Finally, The Rock has come back… just kidding. Actually, WWE Super Showdown has come and gone as it now allows the WWE to truly focus on shows that matter. With that being said, WWE Stomping Grounds is now just two weeks away and Monday Night Raw looks to build towards that with a Best in the World “Celebration” and continuing the feud between Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins. Compelling television clearly, so here’s the Raw highlights.

Raw Highlights: IICONIC!

Photo: WWE

So many people are annoyed by the IIconics but they are pure entertainment any time they appear on television. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay continue their schtick as the hilarious heels who put salt in the wound of fans who complain about them being the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. They would take on the best competitors San Jose had to offer in two local talent, one named Aliyah Mia. Before Corey Graves could try to even justify these two choices, he broke out into laughter as the match went on. The IIconics, especially Peyton Royce, showed a more physical side in their victory. Hopefully this can only mean more IIconics on television and a defense at Stomping Grounds. Some of the best combos they under contract.

Raw Highlights: Firefly Fun House Episode 8

Murder. Murder occurred this week on the Firefly Fun House. Bray Wyatt and his friendly pals Mercy and Ramblin’ Rabbit had an interesting week at the Fun House this week. Wyatt protected Ramblin’ Rabbit from Mercy as he threatened bring “The Fiend” into the picture which terrified both. Bray would then give Ramblin’ Rabbit the floor to talk and have his time. When Ramblin’ began to bring up what was really going on at the Fun House, it led to Wyatt murdering Ramblin’ Rabbit with a special hammer in the process. Enjoy the episode as it seems Wyatt is close to having the true “fun” of the Fun House revealed.

Raw MVP: The Revival

RAW Highlights
Photo: WWE

After a few months of it looking like the company was going to only try and hurt the stock of The Revival after they made their intentions clear they did not plan to resign. From shaving each other’s backs to the horrible “Ucey Hot” segment, it seemed it was all downhill. Instead, they found themselves with Shane McMahon just a week ago as part of his entourage. Now, they have found themselves as Raw Tag Team Champions. Following WWE Super Showdown where they lost to The Usos on the Kickoff show, Shane McMahon decided to still give them a shot at the Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder on Raw for the titles.

Raw Tag Team Championships: Hawkins & Ryder (c) vs The Revival vs The Usos

The Usos would then be entered into the match up to make it a Triple Threat match up and that would steal the show. The Usos would look like they were on their way to victory, but Scott Dawson would manage to tag Jey Uso before he was off the top rope for the big splash on Zack Ryder. Dash Wilder would grab Jey by the legs, pulling him out as Scott Dawson would pin Zack Ryder to become two-time Raw Tag Team Champions. The thought of The Revival vs The Viking Raiders or once again The Usos can truly be exciting once again. The Revival notch the MVP of Raw and look to bring the titles back to television.

A show that includes a good tag team championship match is not something difficult for this company to supply the fans weekly. As a fan, let us be hopeful that this is only the beginning of them caring about the tag division. Raw has a lot to offer that they just are simply not utilizing all the time. Same goes with SmackDown LIVE, which you, the reader, should check back tomorrow to see the rundown. Maybe someone finally calls out Aleister Black after all these weeks. Make sure to check it out.

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