Recap: Willie Mack Talks Getting Into The Industry And His WWE Fall Out!

Willie Mack

On a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, Willie Mack, who was born in South Central, L.A. was a guest on the show discussing how he got into the business. He tells his story from being his childhood to getting into the business. Here’s what he said:

Willie Mack Talks Getting Into The Business

“Well, pretty much when I was 3 months old, my biological mama, she had me, I was a drug baby pretty much, an age baby, and one day she got high, she was cooking something on the stove, and the house caught on fire, and my older sister kicked in the door and got me and her door, and the person who took care of me her name was Ira May Brown. She raised me as one of her own kids even though she went to court for me and I ended up in foster care with her until the age of 14 when she passed, and then I went into another foster care. It was bad, they had like, locks on the refrigerators, motion sensors in the room, like I had to get up to go pee and you’ll hear like a long beeeep, beeeep, and they had cameras, and I ended up getting out of there and I wound up connecting with my pops, his nickname was “Foots” because he had size 16 feet so, that’s what his nickname was. I stay with him, he was about 81 when he passed in 2012 September 20th. and I was homeless for a minute. I had got put up at my homies house, his name was Chris Decoe. I was living on his couch for a minute. then start making my way through the indie scene, and got a WWE tryout, and then that went well, but, a week before I was supposed to report down there, Ol’ Canyon Cemen hit me and was like, don’t plan on coming down, we gonna rescind your contract. I ended up homeless again, me and my girlfriend, and all her little pets, but we had my homie sexy chino, he wrestles out in California, he rented out an express van from the airport at LAX, went to where we was living at cuz we got kicked out. threw everything we could and went and stayed in her sister’s house in Las Vegas. Lucha Underground hit me up as soon as that happened and said, we heard what happened and we wanna give you a shot, cuz I was devastated when that happened, it’s like, you watching this place like WWE for so long as a kid, it feels like you a part of the family and then they just throw you to the side once they figure out they can’t use you. So Lucha Underground help put me back up, get me back in my spirits, and everything else is history…”

On what he said about Canyon Cemen and what happened when WWE rescinded his contract:

“They had me there for 3 days. I killed it, even though i was tired, but, it’s weird, they do the physical before you could anything and I’m like alright cool. they hit me back up saying alright 4-6 we let you know if we gonna sign you or not. 6 weeks went by exactly and they said alright we want to hire you, i did the whole background check, got fingerprinted, signed it sent it in and kept my copy (of the contract) and then a week before I was supposed to report, cuz I was supposed to report October 26th, 2014?, and then Canyon Cemen hit me up and like, “hey, this came up, the doctor said he didn’t the way your blood pressure was and then like how one of yo knees felt, but then come to find out, it’s like, I did the physical there, don’t you think something would’ve turned up there or I would’ve been hurt by now and I’m still wrestling, and then I find out from people close to him, it was another reason, they pretty much wanted someone else.”

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