One Down: Undisputed Prophecy Of Adam Cole Coming True

Adam Cole
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At the end of 2018, Adam Cole‘s undisputed prophecy was set for his group. That prophecy would be that the Undisputed Era would all be carrying gold in 2019. Just two nights ago, Adam Cole made that prophecy a true possibility.

One Down: #AndNEW BAY BAY
Adam Cole
Photo: WWE

Adam Cole defeated Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship. While it took everything out of Cole, he still managed to hold up his end of the bargain while the rest of the Undisputed Era lost their respective matches. Roderick Strong almost secured a future title shot with a win over Matt Riddle, but would fall to the Bromission. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish went to war to try and regain the NXT Tag Team Championships to become three-time champs. Yet they’d only end up with plenty of bumps and bruises.

Now with the biggest championship in NXT held by their leader Adam Cole, Cole is sure to push his group harder than ever. For weeks, Cole was obsessed with winning the NXT Championship from Gargano. He pinned the former champion in the first fall of their original matchup which only drove him mad.

The “Panama City Playboy” began to blame is Undisputed Era boys for his inability to win. It continuously looked like the end of the Era was near with Cole and Strong being at odds. However, that proved to be all a ruse as the Undisputed Era came together united and ran the past few weeks with multiple attacks and even celebrating at the end of the show last Wednesday. Now that Cole has found his own success, he is sure to want that for his own group or problems may arise again.

Possible Problems for the Prophecy

Photo: WWE

Adam Cole’s undisputed prophecy for the Undisputed Era has them sitting atop NXT as the brand’s most dominant faction ever. The Era is now the centerpiece of NXT. Being that, opportunities will not only continue but become more likely. As NXT Champion Adam Cole will continue to demand opportunities for his boys. Despite that possibility, will Cole look out for them or himself. Now that Cole has his championship, will he care for the rest of Undisputed Era’s aspirations?

Since losing the North American Championship last year and losing to Gargano, he was driven by his own failures. All that Cole wanted was to find his success once again, which he finally did all by himself. He defeated Gargano clean in the center of the ring. Can it lead to Cole making a snide comment that hits a member the wrong way? Very possible.

If Cole is serious about this prophecy he has set for the group he has been with since day one, then it is fair to believe he will do anything in his power to help get that done. The NXT locker room should be sleeping with one eye open with the Undisputed Era sitting on top. Specifically, Velveteen Dream and The Street Profits must keep their heads on a swivel with the Undisputed Era breathing down their neck.

The undisputed prophecy was set and the leader Adam Cole stepped up to kick it off. Now, the other three men look to make that prophecy undisputed. Following NXT TakeOver: XXV Adam Cole made it clear that the Undisputed Era is about to run the WWE. A prophecy described by Cole as a threat, a promise, making it simply Undisputed. As fans, lets sit back and enjoy the Undisputed ride ahead.

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