Raw Highlights Rundown – The 24/7 Championship is Here (5/20/19)

24/7 Championship

As Money in the Bank as officially come and gone and Monday Night Raw has the first lick at building up what is next. The biggest segments going into the show would be what would Mr. Money in the Bank have to say following his shocking win as well as Mick Foley unveiling the newest championship in the WWE. Here are the highlights:

“Beast in the Bank” Makes His Presence Be Known

Photo: WWE

Mr. Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar, kicked off Monday Night Raw with a huge smile on his face as Paul Heyman followed his client. Heyman would do the usual schtick, making it be known that the greatest threat in the history of the WWE now has the opportunity to be champion whenever he wishes. As he kept talking, he would let it be known that Lesnar has the ability to not only cash-in on the Universal Championship, but even the WWE Championship. “The Beast Slayer” Seth Rollins would make his way to the ring as he looked on a mission following the bogus end that allowed Brock to win the Money in the Bank. He said to save him some time and cash-in tonight so that they could go one-on-one but Lesnar had none of it. Heyman would then bring up how he may not even be the champion he wants, which got Kofi Kingston to head out to the ring and stand face to face with Lesnar. Kofi would make it be known that he wants to be one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time, which is why he wants to beat Brock to make it more special. Heyman would speak up and let it be known that Kofi and Rollins were going to be in action later in the night, so maybe they should focus on that. And until then, Lesnar will stick around to see if the opportunity arises.

Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley

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Triple H would inform the two world champions that they would team up to take on Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley in the main event, because that is simply must-see TV. It would be announced prior to Rollins heading to the ring that it would be a No DQ match suddenly. Corbin would attack Rollins from behind and the match would begin as both champions would be battling back from the start. Plenty of action, including a close call at the very beginning when Corbin would hit the Deep Six. As the match came to a close, however, the two champions did all they could to eliminate the combination together. Rollins would hit a Suicide Dive and Kofi would then get to the top rope and doing a Trust Fall on to Corbin and Lashley. Kofi would roll Corbin into the ring and after an attempt for the End of Days, Kofi would catch Corbin with a Trouble in Paradise to win the match. “The All Mighty” would Spear both men afterward, grabbing a chair to take them out even more. Rollins would instead Superkick Lashley as the champions would stand tall. Lesnar and Heyman would make their way out teasing a cash-in. Lesnar would fake to get inside the ring before walking away laughing. You could then hear Heyman say to Lesnar that next week they will announce his choice on Raw. So, there you have it, we will know when the Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase will be cashed in next week.

Revival vs The Usos

Photo: WWE

It is crazy what happens when a wrestling show has a wrestling match between two rivals instead of comedy sketches that make you change the television. After weeks of embarrassment, The Usos finally had to take on The Revival in tag team action. Not so shockingly, two of the best tag teams in wrestling today put on a show against each other in the first-time matchup. The action-packed bout made you think they were fighting for the Raw Tag Team Championships, as the competition was really high in this one. As the match came near its end, Scott Dawson would be hit with stereo Superkicks by The Usos for a close near fall before Dash Wilder would save the matchup. Dawson would manage to roll up Jimmy Uso while also holding the trunks to steal the victory from The Usos and finally give them the leg up on their rivals.

The 24/7 Championship Is Born

24/7 Championship

Mick Foley would finally introduce the newest championship in the WWE family as he would make a statement that Raw simply needed to be “Raw” again. And with this championship, exactly that would happen. As he would unveil the new 24/7 Championship, it would be said that at any time as long as there is a referee around, a new champion would be crowned. Foley would then let it be known that the crowning would instantly take place right then just by grabbing it. A number of wrestlers would head down to the ring to try and be the inaugural champion. Eventually, Titus O’Neil would be the first to lift up the championship cleanly, becoming the first-ever 24/7 Champion. Instantly, Robert Roode would roll up Titus on the entrance way for a three count and become the new 24/7 Champion just like that.

24/7 Championship: Robert Roode (c) vs R-Truth

Roode would sprint out to the parking lot and ask R-Truth to hide him from the wrestlers who would be following. R-Truth would do exactly that before letting Roode out of the trunk. As Roode would open the passenger door, a referee would be sitting there as Truth would take him out and pin Roode to become the new 24/7 Champion heading into SmackDown LIVE tomorrow night.

Raw MVP: Cesaro

Photo: WWE

When you put two of your best in-ring performers inside the ring, magic can happen even if it is only a handful of minutes. In a backstage segment, Cesaro would get in the face of Ricochet who would be getting his back checked following the grueling Money in the Bank ladder match. This would lead to one-on-one action between the two men. Cesaro would noticeably have a brand-new entrance theme as he would seem to be a very serious Cesaro. The two would get going in a match that would be a fun one to watch. Ricochet dazzled as usual, including a moment where he would stand straight up on the shoulders of Cesaro before hitting a back flip then doing a hurricarrana to the “Swiss Superman”. Ricochet would later in the match hit a splash to the outside taking out Cesaro as well, but his injuries would turn out to be too much to handle. Cesaro would catch Ricochet on a springboard into a European Uppercut that took put Ricochet out cold. Cesaro would then lift “The One and Only” for a devastating drop into a backbreaker. Cesaro would hit the Neutralizer on Ricochet giving him a huge win as it seems Cesaro could be on his way for better and brighter days.

The 24/7 Championship makes its way to SmackDown LIVE tomorrow as R-Truth carries the belt into the night. What is also seemingly planned is the grand return of Big E which is sure to be exciting. Check back to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for the SmackDown Highlights and #AllEliteWeek!

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