David Starr Vows To Win SSS16 “..go on to beat one of your NXT boys to become your PROGRESS World Champion”

Just 24 hours after Cody dropped an amazing promo regarding his match with brother Dustin Rhodes, David Starr has continued his amazing work in 2019 with a scathing promo on PROGRESS Wrestling. PROGRESS Wrestling was once Punk Rock Pro Wrestling, it was British Wrestling and it was Independent Wrestling.  Ever since the WWE got involved fans have noticed the promotion getting weaker and the common thought nowadays is they have “sold out” with the PROGRESS bookers (Jim Smallman, Glen Joseph & Jon Briley) being involved with NXT UK

For context, PROGRESS is running it’s annual Super Strong Style 16 tournament this weekend.  This tournament is meant to showcase the best independent wrestling the UK has to offer. The only problem? There are only three wrestlers in the field that are independent British Wrestlers.  Seven of the people involved are contracted talent, six of these are with the WWE, and Starr, in his promo, echoes fan sentiment that the tournament is no longer a showcase for British independent wrestling and instead is a showcase of PROGRESS being partnered with the WWE.

Starr lashes out at the contracted talent in this promo and seems intent on beating them all, including PROGRESS Champion WALTER who is also the NXT UK Champion.  This is another fantastic promo from Starr who has been cutting extremely controversial promos in 2019 to build to matches and proving he is one of the best talkers in wrestling.

David Starr mentions in the promo that he, a man from America, is more representative of British independent wrestling than PROGRESS.  And this has become true over the past year as his work in the likes of Over The Top Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: UK and his years of work for Westside Xtreme Wrestling have made him a standard-bearer in European Wrestling.

Once upon a time, Wrestling was built on promos, legendary feuds were born from words, and men became legends in seconds.  Who could ever forget Dusty Rhodes’ hard time’s promo? Would wrestling be the same without Austin 3:16?  After a period where matches were sold on buzz or promise of star ratings promos are back and people like David Starr and Cody and companies like OTT are at the forefront of the revival as one of wrestling’s oldest features makes a comeback.