Arisa Hoshiki Wins Cinderella Tournament

Photo: Stardom

Stardom’s latest Korakuen Hall offering was the annual Cinderella Tournament.  As predicted in our show preview it was the newly full-time Arisa Hoshiki that won the tournament and challenged Momo Watanabe for her Wonder Of Stardom Championship with her wish.

Photo: Stardom

Hoshiki defeated Konami in the final after Konami had run through the tournament using her lethal Triangle Lancer submission (which has 100% success rate).  Hoshiki also overcame Natsuko Tora and Saki Kashima on her route to the finals but got luck and skipped straight to the Semi-Final due to the draw between Kagetsu and Tam Nakano.

Photo: Stardom

Arisa Hoshiki was on the very first Stardom show all the way back in 2011 where she faced Mayu Iwatani.  The two would form the team AMA as Hoshiki emerged as someone that could be a future main event star for Stardom.  In 2012 though Hoshiki quit to focus on her music career, her entrance theme is her own song, and it was Iwatani that would become the heart and soul of Stardom.  Late last year Hoshiki announced her intentions to come back to wrestling and rejoined Stardom on a part-time basis as she juggled wrestling and music.  Now that she has become a full-time wrestler it is time for her to take her rightful place at the top of the company that she earned back in 2012.


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