Joshi Freelancer Hikaru Shida Joins AEW

Hikaru Shida

When All Elite Wrestling revealed that they would be scouting the Joshi (Japanese Women’s wrestling) scene for talent many fans speculated who they might sign, and so far they have since brought in Joshi legend Aja Kongformer Marvelous and Sendai Girl wrestler Nyla Rose, and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling star Yuka Sakazaki.  We also took a look at potential signees and one of the prospects we thought would be a good match has now been added, as joshi freelancer Hikaru Shida is now All Elite.

Hikaru Shida Joins AEW

Hikaru Shida is a veteran of the Joshi scene having debuted back in 2010.  She was trained by Emi Sakura and started her career aligned with Ice Ribbon.  She teamed with 2018’s Joshi wrestler of the year Tsukasa Fujimoto with the duo winning the International Ribbon tag team championships three times and winning the REINA X World Tag Team Championships twice.  Shida was an accomplished tag team worker from an early stage of her career and while in Ice Ribbon got tonnes of experience and worked hundreds of matches by the time she branched out to become a freelancer.

2014 saw Shida become a regular for Pro Wrestling WAVE and became a freelancer working places like SHIMMER and Wrestle-1.  She captured the Regina De WAVE title in 2014 which was only her third singles title win to that point.  Her time as a freelancer saw her win more tag team gold as she and Syuri won tag team championships in Oz Acadamy, Sendai Girls and REINA with the Sendai and Oz reigns lasting over 200 days.

Hikaru Shida Joins AEW
Photo: Squared Circle Sirens

In 2018 Shida celebrated ten years in professional wrestling as she was crowned the “ace” of Oz Academy.  She had a classic match against fellow AEW roster member Aja Kong that many claim was a Match Of The Year contender.  Joshi fans are hungry to see a rematch between the legend and Shida and AEW could deliver on that now that Shida has joined the promotion.

All Elite Wrestling have got a diamond in the rough with this signing, Joshi fans have long considered Shida one of the most underrated members of the scene and her array of accomplishments speaks for itself as she has succeeded in so many different companies and worked with some of the best.  Shida has a charisma and a look that will instantly grab attention in the US but her wrestling will make sure fans take notice of her skills