Amazing Red Seemingly Retires: “That Is Not April Fools, This Is Not A Work”

Just prior to the beginning of Monday Night Raw, former 4x IMPACT X-Division Champion Amazing Red announced he was retiring from pro wrestling as an active performer effective immediately, cancelling his scheduled matches over WrestleMania week, including a single match against Rey Fenix at House of Glory Culture Clash ’19 and at Fight Club: PRO x Destiny Wrestling Fight For Destiny, where he was booked to team with Robbie Eagles & Puma King against CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) & Aussie Open‘s Kyle Fletcher. He announced his retirement on his Twitter Monday night and with the day of his announcement making the video seem a tad suspect – April 1, April Fool’s Day – Amazing Red wanted to make sure people realized it was real.

Here’s his full statement:

“I just wanted to say to you guys that I’m leaving wrestling. This is not April Fool’s, this is not a work, this is no breaking kayfabe, this is me being real…

I was actually supposed to do this after the (WWE) Cruiserweight Classic. I feel like I’ve done everything I was supposed to do, especially through HOG (House of Glory). So I’m cancelling all the shows I was doing for Mania weekend.

I’m still going to teach at HOG. I’m going to support wrestling. I just want to thank everyone that helped me out, through my journey. Throughout all my life, I have done things for everybody else. I’ve never done things for myself.

It was just everybody else telling me, can you wrestle this person? Can you wrestle me? Red, don’t quit, you’re too young. I have to do what’s good for me now.

I only stayed cause of HOG, and my students, and Brian. Be happy for me, don’t be upset. The reason why I made this video was for myself, cause once I know I put this out there, there’s no turning back. 

This is me looking out for me. So be happy about that. Have fun this week.”

Amazing Red is a 21-year pro who has been a pioneer and icon on the US indie scene and style, and has mentored countless top stars in the world of wrestling. For a look back at his career and how he influenced WWE Superstar Sasha Banks, check out our past article on Red’s amazing career.

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