#AndNEW: Two New Melbourne City Wrestling Champions

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Last night at Clash Of The Titans Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) crowned new Tag Team Champions and a new World Heavyweight Champion.

The MCW Tag Team Championships were contested under TLC rules when The Law (Dowie James and Adam Brooks) took on The Brat Pack (Mitch Waterman and Nick Bury). This match was described by those in attendance as an absolute car wreck that you simply couldn’t look away from. Ultimately The Brat Pack would come out on top and become three-time MCW Tag Team Champions, equalling a record set by The Law.

Then later in the night, it was Champion versus Champion when the MCW Intercommonwealth Champion Slex took on the MCW World Heavyweight Champion Gino Gambino. Following lengthy introductions, which included a retrospective on the previous champions to hold the MCW World Heavyweight Championship, the two competitors would make their way to the ring. Slex would enter first to an incredibly loud and positive crowd reaction. Gambino would then make his way to the ring with an elaborate entrance featuring a knights guard of honour before he was then crowned “the king of champions” by his manager Sebastian Walker.

Once the match got started it quickly broke down into chaos thanks to the No DQ and No Countout stipulations, which were enacted to ensure a victor. The two men would brawl throughout the Thornbury Theatre before Gambino would drive Slex through the announce desk from the stage with a death valley drive. After Slex was miraculously able to recover though Walker would attempt to attack Slex with the Championship but would be cut off by special guest ring announcer Seb Costello. In the end, Slex was able to finally dethrone ‘the king’ and become the duel MCW Intercommonwealth & MCW World Heavyweight Champion, which sent the crowd into an uproar of delight.

As of writing, we’re unsure what this means for the future of the two MCW singles championships. Will the titles be defended separately or does this now unify them into one title?


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