#AndNew: LAX Wins WWL Tag Team Championships

Latin American Exchange, LAX, added more gold to their waists. The IMPACT Wrestling duo wrestled on their motherland in World Wrestling League‘s Todo o Nada show last night. The team beat the WWL Tag Team champions, Los Primos Melendez and Los Fugitivos. After winning the All American Wrestling Tag Team titles and holding the House of Glory Tag Team titles, LAX holds three different tag team belts.

Photo: Emmanuel Rosado / LWOPW

Friday night, WWL’s show Todo o Nada had arguably the best match of the year, so far, in Puerto Rico. Los Primos Melendez and CWA Tag Team Champions Los Fugitivos had a classic last time around. But last night, LAX was inserted into the mix and brought the house down.

The chemistry shown by the three teams was outstanding. Moreover, the crowd was hot, Puerto Rican heat hot. LAX, whose family are originally from the island, was received with loud applause. The duo made everything work and in the end claim victory. The Impact Wrestling regulars beat Los Primos Melendez and became for the first time WWL Tag Team Champions. LAX took the mic and a standing ovation was awarded. They thanked the other tag teams and told the fans how proud they were on becoming champions in Puerto Rico.

While LAX celebrated, Los Primos Melendez remained calm but with their heads down. The Southside of the island duo has worked their ass-off for those titles. First winning them against Westside Mafia last year and then losing them against that same team. Moreover, they regain the titles late in 2018 in a high profile ladder match. Ever since then, the duo has provided quality for WWL’s Tag Team division.

Los Fugitivos came out strong. As the CWA Tag Team Champions, the veteran duo knew how to play their cards on the match. They even gathered a lot of heat from WWL fans and there were times when thing could have escalated to a physical level with fans.

With last night show, WWL remains the number one promotion in the island (they had a solid crowd) and will be bringing LAX back more regularly to the island. The IMPACT Wrestling duo is the first non-island native team to win the tag team belts.