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Preview: AAA Rey de Reyes 2019 (3/16/19)

AAA prepares today for their Rey de Reyes 2019 show in Puebla, Mexico. The show is a big one, with lots of interesting twists coming their way. Cody Rhodes, the Executive VP of All Elite Wrestling, is already in Puebla to join the show.

As reported in the past, AEW and AAA reach a working agreement. The number two wrestling promotion in Mexico has been having a strong year. Their roster, full of outstanding wrestlers, is now booming to the right direction. While AAA enjoys the chaos of their live show, AAA Rey de Reyes 2019 brings an interesting climate to their streaming tonight through Twitch at 8:00 pm local time.

This year, the singles titles (except for the women’s) will not be defended. Rey Fenix, the AAA Mega Champion is still without an official championship since winning it on AAA TripleMania. Moreover, the Latin American Champion, Drago, and the Cruiserweight Champion, Laredo Kid, are competing in the Rey de Reyes tournament and in a trios match.

Here’s a rundown of the card, from the top and some in the bottom (some matches will not be highlighted).

AAA World Tag Team Championships: Texano & Rey Escorpion vs. Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) 

As we mentioned, Fenix will not defend the mega title but will look to become double champion alongside his brother. Although in the US the Lucha Brothers are known as tag team specialist and have won almost every major tag team championship in North America (except for WWE and Ring of Honor), in Mexico, they haven’t won any of the main tag titles from the big two promotions.

Against them is the faction of Los Mercernarios, Texano Jr., Rey Escoprion and Hijo del Fantasma. The tag team champions have been unstoppable and have had an incredible run, which has lasted for over 350 days. The hint, as Lucha Blog previously stated, is that AAA might fuel a future match between Fenix & Hijo del Fantasma for the Mega championship.

Moreover, The Young Bucks have arrived in Mexico, which will play into another invasion of AEW in another company, as the same fan who took a photo with Cody upon arriving at the airport in Mexico (as confirmed by AEW’s Twitter) also took one with the Young Bucks arriving.

Steel Cage Match: Mamba, Maximo & Psycho Clown vs. Jeff Jarret, Killer Kross & La Mascara 

Photo: AAA

A match that plays along the rivalry of cousins Maximo & La Mascara. The cousins have been feuding for a while now and even their fathers and other cousins are getting drag into this, which explains the involvement of Psycho Clown. The Jeff Jarret involvement is strange since he’s no longer a AAA regular and a WWE agent at this point. But, AAA has unconditional love for him and is willing to have him back. For Killer Kross, he’s been inserted because of how AAA sees an upside in him but can yet figure him out into a larger plan.

Rey de Reyes 2019 Tournament: Sammy Guevara, Jack Evans, Golden Magic, Laredo Kid, Aerostar, Miztezyz, Australian Suicide, Taurus and Hijo del Vickingo 

A match that previously had a larger set of stars. This match is a rumble with pinfall and submissions. Last year, with a set of five fatal four-way matches, Rey Escorpion became the winner. This year, the roster is shorter and will probably∗ have everyone in the ring. AAA is highly unpredictable in this kind of matches. They have some solid stars like Jack Evans, AEW’s Sammy Guevara, and Laredo Kid. While some younger ones like Hijo del Vickingo & Miztezyz . If I could put my money on any one of them, it might be Laredo Kid or Myztezyz II, but that’s just straight up guessing.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship: Lady Shani vs. La Hiedra vs. Chik Tormenta vs. Keyra 

Photo: AAA

In AAA fashion this match can go either way. It could be a solid match or a bad match. Lady Shani is undoubtedly was AAA needs and the fans are mostly on her side. While La Hiedra has become a better wrestler and Keyra has a promising career, Shani will reign supreme. Shani’s biggest match in store for her can be against Perros del Mal member and Knockout Champion, Taya Valkyrie.

Other matches and things to look for:

Photo: AAA
  • Los Perros del Mal are back with Daga as their centrepiece and alongside Taya Valkyrie and Joe Lider. They are wrestling against Nuevo Poder del Norte.
  • Puma King, the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla standout, will tag with the AAA Latin American Champion Drago & Pagano to go against the OGTs.
  • AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa will defend their mixed tag team titles against Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla.
Photo: AAA




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