Preview: Breed Pro Wrestling Never Fight A Man With A Perm (3/17/19)

Breed Pro Wrestling look to follow up a great first offering with a show loaded with the best and brightest of Irish Wrestling as well as retribution for TK Cooper, Spike Trivet and Chuck Mambo after their actions at the first show.

Match 1: More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) vs Wild Boys (Andre Cartier, Angel Cruz & Dirty Dragan)

Breed Pro Wrestling

More Than Hype got an impressive victory in their Breed debut last months as they defeated the Anti Fun Police to win the first match in Breed Pro Wrestling history.  They picked up momentum to take into the World Trios League, something they should be favorites for, but they take on a very eclectic team in match number one.  Cartier, Cruz, and Dragan is a strange grouping that mixes the fighter Dragan with the psychopathic Cruz and the hungry Cartier.  While MTH have established a name for themselves in the UK scene their opponents have not which may just make them hungrier to pick up the win.

Match 2: Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden) vs Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne vs Los Federales Santos Jr)

Breed Pro Wrestling

This is a rematch of one of the best comedy matches in OTT history.  Aiden and Sexsea are all about living life to it’s fullest and teaching us to have fun and live for today.  This completely goes against everything the Anti-Fun Police stand for as they are all about making sure there is Nooooo Funnnaaaahhhhh. If this is anything like the two teams’ first encounter then this could just steal the show.

Match 3: Women Of Steel Qualifier- Raven Creed vs Debbie Keitel vs Ivy

Breed Pro Wrestling

Ivy has been making her way up the indie ladder recently as part of the tag team Pretty Little Killers alongside Ruby Radley but gets arguably the biggest opportunity of her career here as she has a chance to earn a spot in the Women Of Steel championship match.  She has a tough task if she wants to win as she faces two of Irelan’s top prospects.  Raven Creed is the current Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling Women’s champion having dethroned Sammii Jayne for the title in the last Tivoli match ever and has since defended the title against the likes of Lana Austin and Yuu.  Creed has also been making a splash in promotions like Fierce Females and recently debuted in Pro Wrestling: EVE.  Keitel is another tough challenger and has been feuding with Raven Creed since the beginning of her career.  The two have waged war all over Ireland and will now bring that feud to the UK.  Keitel hasn’t reached the same heights as Creed at home yet but has captured the Fierce Females Internet championship and spent time training with Emi Sakura in Gatoh Move in Japan.  All three women have a rightful claim to a spot in the title match but only one will get it.

Match 4: New Breed Tournament- Shay Purser vs The OJMO

Breed Pro Wrestling

Breed’s New Breed tournament is dedicated to showcasing the next generation of British Wrestling as evidenced by this match between Shay Purser and The OJMO.  Purser may be most known to fans as the referee for Fight Club: PRO but has been a popular member of the ATTACK! Pro Wrestling roster as a performer.  He comes to Breed to spread the word on Shay Fu to a new audience.  The OJMO has been a part of a team with Big T Justice but has recently been finding his own way a singles performer in places like Battle Pro Wrestling where he is the current champion.

Match 5: Chuck Mambo vs Jack Sexsmith

Breed Pro Wrestling

After his shocking turn to end Breed’s debut show Mambo must now face the consequences as he faces Jack Sexsmith.  Mambo has been finding success around the British Wrestling scene lately thanks to a change in attitude.  The fun-loving guy we once knew seems long gone as he has joined Spike Trivet and TK Cooper to take opportunities they feel they weren’t being given.  Mambo’s opponent on this show has also had a change in attitude recently as Sexsmith debuted a newer, more serious side.  Sexsmith wants to be known as more than just the Pansexual wrestler, he wants to be seen for his wrestling ability and not as a symbol.  He has a great opportunity to prove himself against Mambo as the two PROGRESS trainees collide.

Match 6: Spike Trivet vs Carlos Romo

Breed Pro Wrestling

Trivet has done nothing but make enemies in Breed so far.  First, getting under the skin of Magid and Lucky Kid and then making an enemy of Breed management by costing Kid the Breed Championship at Sunday Night Yeet.  He, like his stablemates Cooper and Mambo, must now face the music as he faces Carlos Romo.  Romo, along with A-Kid, has been flying the flag for Spanish Wrestling over the last year or so as the two have been making their name throughout the UK as either a tag team or on their own in singles competition.  Romo has been hungry to prove himself in every company he’s been in as he continues to represent Spanish wrestling everywhere he goes and a win over Trivet would make a big impression.

Match 7: Chris Ridgeway vs Ilja Dragunov

Breed Pro Wrestling

A dream match in every sense of the world.  Hars As F**k Chris Ridgeway will take on UN-BE-SIEG-BAR Ilja Dragunov.  Both men are fueled by competition and a need to win no matter the cost.  Dragunov has had his chest chopped off by WALTER on many occasion but still comes back for more, Ridgeway has had some stiff matches throughout the UK and still comes back for more.  Both men enjoy getting hurt as much as they enjoy hurting others but they still want nothing more than a victory.  The chemistry should be off the charts and the styles should blend really well so this should be an easy contender for Match Of The Year.

Match 8: Breed Pro Wrestling Championship- TK Cooper (c) vs Lucky Kid

Breed Pro Wrestling

After getting screwed out of the championship Lucky Kid gets his opportunity at retribution as he goes one on one with TK Cooper.  Cooper was impressive on Breed’s debut show and deserved his spot in the final 2 of the main event but his heinous acts just proved how well he’s willing to go to get what he wants.  Cooper is on his way back up the BritWres ladder after unfortunate circumstances caused him to lose the momentum that once had him at the top of British Wrestling.  To get back up he has constantly been improving and innovating but has also gotten more desperate.  Kid is also on his way up and is set to become a big star after his huge 16 Carat Gold victory.  Kid would love to follow up such a huge win than by claiming the Breed championship that the fans feel is rightly his.


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