#AndNEW: Austin Theory Wins The Crash Championship

Tijuana, Mexico had a huge show this past Friday with The Crash Lucha Libre. The number three company in Mexico had a fatal four-way for Willie Mack‘s The Crash title. The show, which had an excellent line-up, end-up with rising indie star Austin Theory winning the company’s biggest prize.

Austin Theory, who is the current EVOLVE Champion, added more gold to his resume. The WWN main-guy faced-off against CMLL rising star Barbaro Cavernario, Sansón and Willie Mack (the champion). Theory beat all odds and pinned Mack in his first defense ever of the championship. Cavernario was injured during the match. With the win, Theory has in his resume the Full Impact Pro, WWN, Evolve and The Crash Championship.

Austin Theory: A New Indie Standout 

Theory is rising fast in an independent wrestling scene that needs fresh faces. The former bodybuilder has been on WWE‘s radars since joining the World Wrestling Network family, winning gold in EVOLVE and Full Impact Pro. He started to appear in The Crash Lucha Libre back in 2018, after losing to Rey Horus. After more losses against Flip Gordon and Mecha Wolf 450, Theory found a winning streak. He previously defeated Barbaro Cavernario and had victories over CMLL’s Soberarno Jr. 

In America, Theory has successfully defended his EVOLVE championship and just recently went face-to-face with former NXT North American Champion, Johnny Gargano. He’s expanding his horizon and working closely with WWN might improve his chances of joining the biggest wrestling company in the world, WWE.

The Crash in the Future

With Theory, The Crash reshapes their line-up after announcing a partnership with All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor and Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. The company previously was the only game in town to see New Japan talent that CMLL rejected, like Ricochet, the Young Bucks and Zack Sabre Jr. Moreover, CMLL talent has been increasingly working with them, even though they are in the same country. On Friday, the only talent from ROH was Television Champion, Jeff Cobb. While NJPW had representation from Michael Elgin. ECW-Original Sabu was a special attraction. While CMLL had representation from Cavernario, Soberano Jr., Sansón, Diamante Azul, and Hechicero.