In Memorium: King Kong Bundy Passes Away Aged 61

As the wrestling world continued to mourn the loss of famous actor and father of rising prospect Jungle BoyLuke Perry news broke that we had lost King Kong Bundy as his long time friend David Herro broke the news in the late hours of March 4th 2019.  Bundy is most remembered for Main Eventing WrestleMania 2 against Hulk Hogan in a match that cemented his place in wrestling history.

Bundy was trained to wrestle in the “Monster Factory” by Larry Sharpe and debuted in 1981 for World Class Wrestling Association as a babyface under the name Big Daddy Bundy.  He was later recruited by Gary Hart after a dispute with the Von Erichs, turning heel and becoming King King Bundy.  He faced Fritz Von Erich in his retirement match in 1982 in a huge match in Texas Stadium.  He would also compete in National Wrestling AllianceAmerican Wrestling Association and Mid-South Wrestling often demanding a 5 count to end matches and winning NWA American and National tag titles with a variety of partners as well as being a 2-time NWA American Heavyweight champion.

In 1985 Bundy would debut for the World Wrestling Federation under the management of Jimmy Hart as he reprised his 5 count gimmick and had a dominant win on the first WrestleMania defeating S.D Jones in what was billed as 9 seconds.  Bundy was traded to Bobby Heenan and began feuding with Andre The Giant leading to “The Colossal Jostle” between the two at the famous Madison Square Garden.  Not long after Bundy would move on to target Hulk Hogan, attacking him during a match against The Magnificent Muraco and kayfabe breaking Hogan’s ribs leading to their steel cage main event of WrestleMania which Hogan won.

This was the end of Bundy’s time in the main event and he would float around the mid-card until his departure in 1988, even a brief WWF return in 1994 led to him jobbing after an impactful re-debut at Survivor Series.  He would be released again in 1995 before working the independent circuit until 2007.  He went away from the public eye only to resurface as part of the lawsuit against the WWE regarding head injuries that was struck out in September 2018.

Bundy passed away at the age of 61 but will forever have a place in wrestling history as the main event of WrestleMania 2 and as part of The Undertaker’s legendary streak.  He has been fondly remembered for his personality by his coworkers and will never be forgotten by wrestling fans all over the world


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