Roman Reigns Announces His Cancer Is In Remission

Roman Reigns announced on tonight’s Monday Night Raw broadcast that he is going to be returning to the WWE sooner than later. This announcement by Reigns is truly inspiring after just being away a matter of four months receiving treatment for his second diagnosis of leukemia. After relinquishing the Universal Championship back in October,  you can imagine that “The Big Dog”  will hunt again soon enough after this announcement.

Roman came out to a well-deserved ovation, and chants of “Welcome Back!” echoed throughout the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. And after a lengthy speech thanking his family, peers and fans for their outpouring support, Reigns announced that his cancer was in remission. No word on when he would be able to return to the ring, but he’s most likely still got some training to do to strengthen his body after months of chemotherapy.

Last Thursday, WWE announced on Twitter that Roman Reigns would be returning to Monday Night Raw to give an update to the WWE Universe and the world. And as a lead-up, they would also announce that he would be appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America to further discuss his story, as GMA would further announce this morning. One can have imagined that Roman would be returning in some story of fashion with his announcement tonight. And to continue speculation this past week, Roman’s trainer in Hawaii, Dave Gonyea, brought to many fans’ attention on his Instagram this week that Reigns had been training there for his in-ring return, trying to possibly save himself in the comments by saying it was still months away.

Many sites have tried and find the word on what Roman’s announcement would come to be tonight, but WWE did their best for his announcement to be the biggest news possible by not letting it get out. It’s interesting to think that just last week at the Elimination Chamber PPV, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Baron Corbin teamed up to do the Triple Powerbomb that is the signature move of The Shield. It’s possible to think that creative knew ahead of time where Roman was at, signaling this as an opportunity for The Shield to be together one last time, perhaps at Fastlane, so Roman could have one more Shield moment with Dean Ambrose before Ambrose departs the company. A potential 6-man tag team match against Corbin’s trio would protect Reigns for one match while he’s between chemotherapy sessions.

While Reigns’ announcement tonight was such a big one, the follow up on Good Morning America should give even more insight into the treatment and story of what Reigns went through.