OTT Adds 2 more matches to Homecoming 2

Since our preview for OTT Homecoming 2 dropped, the Irish company has set out to make an already stacked card even better with a tag match and highly anticipated women’s match joining the fray.

Justy & MJF vs Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B.Cool)

Photo: OTT

Justy has been a thorn in the side of the Cruzers ever since last August when he returned to cost them the tag team championships.  After his dreadful Justy Jitsu match with Cool at Redemptionhis faction has wanted nothing to do with him so he has recruited a new partner.  AEW, MLW and rising star MJF is teaming with Justy in his OTT debut to take on two performers that you can be sure he won’t like.  The Cruzers chase of the tag team titles has been plagued by Justy and they need to get rid of him sooner or later if they are to achieve their ultimate goal.

OTT Women’s Championship: Raven Creed (c) vs Yuu

Photo: OTT

In the final match announced for the show, Raven Creed will defend her OTT Women’s championship against former Tokyo Joshi Pro star and now freelancer Yuu.  The announcement was met with much excitement from fans who can’t wait for the teal haired Creed to battle the powerhouse Yuu.  Yuu has been wrestling all over Europe since the start of the year in companies like Pro Wrestling: EVE, Revolution Pro Wrestling and Fight Club: Pro among many others.  Creed has carried the division for months and is arguably the women’s divisions most popular star.