Preview: OTT Homecoming 2 (2/17/19)

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OTT made itself the name on everyone’s lips once again when they announced PAC vs WALTER for this show.  A huge show featuring the likes of Jordan Devlin, Will Ospreay, Ilja Dragunov and the aforementioned PAC and WALTER.  OTT is running the 1000+ seater National Basketball Arena for the first time and they are looking to christen it with one of the best shows of 2019 on the last stop on the road to ScrapperMania.

Match 1: OTT Gender Neutral Championship: Mark Haskins (c) vs Andrew Everett vs Terry Thatcher

Photo: OTT

Haskins makes defence number one of his Gender Neutral championship.  Since winning the title Haskins has signed with Ring Of Honor and still holds a golden contract for a title shot whenever he wants, things are definitely going well for Haskins at the moment.  His opponents in this one will be hoping to take him down a peg and take away his title.  Thatcher is veteran of the Irish wrestling scene who had a breakout year in 2018 when he captured the NLW Championships but also the hearts of the fans.  It’s hard not to root for Thatcher the man has been a part of the scene through its dark days, he never stops fighting and improving and he has one of the best wrestling minds in the country.  The third member of this match is former IMPACT star Andrew Everett, Everett is a former Impact Tag Team champion and spent most of his time there working in the X Division.  He works the modern US indie style very well and is among the better high fliers in the US right now.  This match has three wrestlers who specialize in different areas, Haskins is an all rounder that leans towards technical wrestling, Thatcher has his own unique style and Everett is a high flier, how these three play off each other will help or hinder the ceiling for this one.

Match 2: More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs Charlie Sterling & Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.)

Photo: OTT

Charlie Sterling recruits two new partners as he looks to teach More Than Hype a lesson.  Sterling is a former OTT Tag Team champion alongside Zack Gibson and Sha Samuels but now teams with the Anti Fun Police.  The AFP are experts at killing the fun and have long made it their mission to eradicate fun from the wrestling scene.  The bad bleh bois will be their usual selves going into this match.  Three best friends who are fighting the best in the world to prove themselves and just enjoying themselves while they do it.  Will the fun be stopped or will More Than Hype keep the good times flowing?

Steel Cage Match: OTT Tag Team Championships: Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damian Corvin) (c) vs Lads From the Flats (Paddy, Workie & Session Moth Martina)

Photo: OTT

This match is a throwback to a time before OTT was selling out The Tivoli let alone the National Stadium.  These two teams have been there since the beginning and have fought for these tag team titles on many an occasion.  The last meeting between these two teams was in 2017 at ScrapperMania 3 in front of 2,200 people as the Kings and the Lads put on a classic match on the biggest show in Irish Wrestling history.  2 years later and the war is set to be renewed as the LFTF and the KOTN battle it out inside a steel cage as the Lads chase their first ever tag team championships and the Kings look to keep their stranglehold on the division.

Match 4: Will Ospreay & Scotty Davis vs Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)

Photo: OTT

Ospreay gets to team with one of his Frontline young lions and the future of Irish wrestling Scotty Davis in an odd but exciting pairing.  Ospreay and Davis could work really well as Ospreay can handle the flying and leave Davis to do the shooting and ground work while they can both unleash killer strikes. If they do work well together they can be a big challenge to one of the US scenes best tag teams.  If they don’t work together then they will be picked apart by the Besties.  The BITW are known for their cheesy, fun entrance and being a really good tag team that most will know from AAW.  There are so many questions going into this tag match that will need to be answered but we are in for a treat regardless.

Match 5: David Starr vs Jordan Devlin

Former best friends, united by their desire to defeat WALTER, now the most bitter of enemies.  At Redemption in November Devlin was one second away from finally beating WALTER, only for Starr to cost him the victory.  Starr destroyed a friendship out of jealousy, his career has been defined by the need to defeat WALTER and he couldn’t stand the fact that Devlin was about to do what he could only dream of doing.  Devlin is a man possessed since WrestleRama, he is pissed off and has a point to prove and his anger is currently directed solely at Starr.  The winner of this match will face WALTER at ScrapperMania in March as these bitter enemies fight to see who will get the next crack at WALTER.  OTT has released another out of this world hype video for this match, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Match 6: Ilja Dragunov vs Shingehero Irie

Photo: OTT

Shingehiro Irie debuts in OTT.  The Japanese beast is originally a member of the Dramatic Dream Team roster.  He can do everything, work at a fast pace, trade shots with big hitters, fly through the air and wrestle on the mat.  He is ready to take European wrestling by storm with his wide array of talents.  He faces 2018’s breakout star Ilja Dragunov.  The intense and unique Russian overwhelms his opponents with intensity and a high tolerance to pain.  These two guys are set to steal the show on one of the most stacked cards you will see anywhere in 2018.

Match 7: PAC vs WALTER

Photo: OTT

The match EVERYONE wants to see.  The man who turned his back on the WWE, the most Horrible B**tard in wrestling, the King PAC vs 2018’s wrestler of the year, the ring general, an Austrian giant WALTER.  This is easily one of the biggest matches indie wrestling has in 2019.  WALTER spent 2018 becoming one of the biggest stars in indie wrestling as he dominated companies all over the world and won multiple world championships.  His bone shattering chops and intelligence have made him one of the hardest obstacles for any performer to overcome.  He faces the one man who could be seen as a viable contender to WALTER’s throne, PAC left WWE and quickly became the hottest free agent in wrestling.  He has dominated since his return already winning the Open The Dream Gate championship, joining All Elite Wrestling and taking his brand of villainy all over the world.  The man that gravity forgot vs the Ring General! It shouldn’t take much to get excited about this match.

Photo: OTT