#AndNEW: TK Cooper Wins Breed Championship, Forms New Faction

Sheffield, England got a new promotion on Sunday as Breed Pro Wrestling launched its debut show, which ended with the crowning of the first Breed Champion. It resulted in TK Cooper emerging victorious from the four way elimination finals in a match that saw him outlast Scotty Davis, Chris Ridgeway and finally Lucky Kid to claim the gold.

It wasn’t a clean victory though, as TK Cooper received some help from a couple of friends. The first was Spike Trivet, but the real shocker came when fan favourite Chuck Mambo came out to help Cooper, with the three forming a new heel faction. It’s no surprise that the three are uniting, as they’ve been the stars of their own YouTube series, Escaping the Midcard, for some time now. Just like The Young Bucks’ Being The Elite launched a much larger stable, it appears ETM is now a stable as well. It finally gives Cooper some re-direction in the UK indie scene, since his former stable mate Travis Banks, from the South Pacific Power Trip, has moved on to singles fame in NXT UK, PROGRESS and more.

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