The Best Matches from AEW’s New Women’s Wrestlers

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) recently announced the addition of two new women’s wrestlers to its roster, Nyla Rose and Kylie Rae. And two more, Aja Kong and Yuka Sakazaki, will make appearances at their Double or Nothing show. They are some of the best wrestlers in the industry and thankfully, they all have a catalog of great performances! Want to get a taste of what you can expect from them heading into the next All In event? Here are some of their best matches.

Nyla Rose

Best FREE Match: Nyla Rose vs. Takumi Iroha, Marvelous (8/5/2018)

Nyla faced off against Marvelous’s top joshi icon for the Women of Warriors championship last year. Her style full of various power moves contrasted well with Takumi’s strikes and technical ability, creating a rich matchup.

Best Match Worth Your Money: Nyla Rose vs. Holidead, Women of Warriors 3 (10/7/2017)

If you liked Nyla’s moves in the match above, check out a match where she and her opponent really lay into each other. Nothing fancy about this one, but a great showcase of what Nyla’s best at: matches where every move taken and given from both competitors looks like it’s going to leave a mark. If you’re into a slow, methodical, punishing fight, this is the match for you. Click here to watch it through a free trial subscription, rental, or purchase.

Aja Kong

Best FREE Match: Aja Kong vs. Viper, EVE WrestleQueendom (5/5/2018)

Many of Aja Kong’s best matches are in promotions such as Sendai Girls and AJW. Thus, they’re are unavailable for on-demand viewing, as they’re mostly on tapes that are difficult to purchase legally in the west. However, her bout with Viper shows the unparalleled aura that she brings into a match.

Best Match Worth Your Money: Survivor Series Elimination Match, WWE Survivor Series (11/19/1995)

If you don’t have a WWE subscription, you may want to try one just to watch Aja Kong’s appearance at Survivor Series 1995. Her size and stature causes opponents’ moves to literally bounce off of her in a way that’s equal parts hilarious and terrifying. There are few wrestlers who can compare. Although the match was 20 years ago, the presence of Aja as a foe towering over the lesser competition still persists. Click here to watch the match through free trial or subscription.

Yuka Sakazaki

Photo: AEW

Best FREE Match: MiraClians vs. Mizuki and Riho, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (1/4/2018)

Fast paced, acrobatic, risky, and often unashamedly goofy. You’ll see the best of Yuka Sakazaki’s style in this tag team match, which turns the entertainment value up to 10 and does not let up until the bell rings.

Best Match Worth Your Money: Mizuki vs. Yuka Sakazaki, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling 5th Princess Cup (6/9/2018)

Although the light-hearted fun-loving side of Yuka Sakazaki is always a joy to watch, there’s also a main event type of wrestler that she can tap into. In this tournament match, Sakazaki fights with unbridled passion and resilience putting on a true match of the year candidate level performance. Click here to watch the match through free trial or subscription.

Kylie Rae

Best FREE Match: Kylie Rae vs. Tessa Blanchard, Zelo Pro Arrival (4/20/2018)

Tessa took on Kylie Rae for the Zelo Pro championship, and both wrestlers threw every move they had at each other. It’s a matchup full of athleticism, speed, and passion from both wrestlers, and one of the best displays of Kylie’s fighting spirit.

Best Match Worth Your Money: Kylie Rae vs. Deonna Purrazzo (RISE 6: Brutality 12/1/2017)

This match is a great example of what “Smiley” Kylie’s unique character brings to the table in non-title matches. Her upbeat personality had the audience on her side from the get-go, which got under Deonna’s skin and created a dynamic that was both tense and very entertaining. Click here to watch the match through a subscription, rental, or purchase.

Bonus Match!

Can’t wait to see more action from Kylie? Keep an eye out for Kylie Rae vs. Mercedes Martinez. The match was the main event of RISE 12, a collaboration between Reality of Wrestling and RISE, and it will be released on RISE streaming service later this year. It showed that while Kylie may look like she’s all smiles, she can absolutely take a beating. She spent much of the match receiving Mercedes’s vicious chops, and put up such a fight that the two will be facing off for the title again at RISE later this year.


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