Odds On Favorite: Winning the Royal Rumble from Number 30

The Royal Rumble match is probably the most statistically dissected match in the WWE. In addition to entry numbers one and two, perhaps the other most talked about is the last one: number 30. If you look at the numbers, the odds are in the last man’s favor. Most of the field of entrants should be eliminated at that point. You don’t have to last a huge amount of time either. However, only three people have won after entering at number 30. That is one less than the total number of people who have entered at numbers one and two. Those lucky three are The Undertaker, John Cena, and Triple H.

The Undertaker entered the 2007 Royal Rumble at number 30, his third time entering at that number. He currently holds the record for most times entering the Rumble at number 30. Undertaker was also the first man to enter at number thirty and win the Royal Rumble. This would also be his first and to date, only, Rumble victory. He lasted just over 13 minutes and managed to get three eliminations in that time. The Undertaker would go onto WrestleMania 23 and challenge Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. He would win that belt for the first time that night, his fifth overall world championship in WWE. In an interesting fun fact, he would be in the final two with Shawn Michaels in 2007. They would go on to be the first two entrants in the 2008 Royal Rumble.

Speaking of the 2008 Royal Rumble, it would also be won by the 30th entrant. John Cena made his surprise return at the Rumble. He had been sidelined by a torn pectoral muscle since October of 2007. Cena lasted just under eight and a half minutes and eliminated four people. Instead of waiting for WrestleMania, Cena cashed in his championship opportunity at the next event. The WWE Championship Match between Cena and then-champion Randy Orton ended in disqualification. Cena would get a second chance at the title, getting placed in the triple-threat match at WrestleMania XXIV. However, he would be unsuccessful in winning the title on that occasion as well.

There would not be another Royal Rumble victory for the 30th entrant until 2016. This Rumble would be memorable for a couple of other reasons too. In early January, Mr. McMahon declared that the Royal Rumble winner would be the World Heavyweight Champion. This forced Roman Reigns, the current champion, to defend his title in the match. It would be only the second time in history that the Rumble would decide the champion. The first was the 1992 Royal Rumble which saw Ric Flair win. This match would also see the debut of one AJ Styles. Triple H would enter the Rumble at number 30. He would clock in just over nine minutes and win his second Royal Rumble. Roman Reigns, the defending champion, would be eliminated last. With this title win, it would be Triple H’s 14th overall world championship reign.

The number 30 continues to be the most coveted entry position in the Royal Rumble. Even if only three entrants have gone onto win from this spot, many have come close. Eighteen number 30 entries over the years have finished in the final five of those Rumbles. The odds are also still in that entrant’s favor, both in terms of time and opponents. Who will be the next person to enter at number 30 and win it all? The next opportunity goes down on January 27th in Phoenix, Arizona.

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