CMLL: Rush And Euforia Go To War At Arena Mexico Friday Night

Last week on CMLL Arena Mexico, we saw Rush jump Euforia and take off his mask at the conclusion of the main event. As a result of Rush’s actions, Euforia challenged him to a one-on-one match at this past Friday’s Arena Mexico show. A WAR of a main event took place last night as RUSH and Euforia battled it out. It was a helluva fight, not a wrestling match, not a Lucha match, but a FIGHT! But only one came out the victor.

Ring of Honor’s new signee, Rush was the first to be announced tonight, coming out to a new entrance theme, but not without the patented Mathew McConaughey chest thump from “The Wolf Of Wall Street” sound byte. Euforia is second to come out but without hesitation, is AGAIN jumped by Rush as Euforia comes down the steps towards the entrance ramp to the ring. A brawl would begin that so no end to the chaos.

A best out of three falls match, we saw Rush take the first fall with his basement dropkick. This was basically science as Euforia could not endure the beating he took from the beginning of the match when Rush attacked him from behind. In the second fall, it seemed as though Euforia picked up some of the momenta and gained an advantage on Rush, but not before Rush would continue his ungovernable ways, as he at one point RAN to the young lady holding the 2nd Fall sign, grabbed the sign, and smashed it over Euforia. Rush would soon lose the second fall due to completely taking off Euforia’s mask giving Rush the lost there.

The third fall saw some wild moments as we saw Rushand Euforia take the fight inside the crowd, grabbing a beer from the crowd in attendance and using the cups full of beer as weapons on each other, We’d even have them splash beer over the commentators as the fight was taken there as well. At the conclusion of the match, Rush used what a double underhook pile driver on Euforia to take the best of three falls.

Euforia, conquered by the leader of Los Ingobernables, was stretchered out of the arena, but not before Rush got involved yet again and beat down Euforia while on the stretcher. The situation settled down soon after as the show was then over for the night. After the show, Rush in a backstage promo said that everyone saw what he was all about and that his detractors now see how good he is. It looks like this war with Euforia and Rush may not be over however as the commentators teased that there may be more to come between these two Luchadors.