World Series Wrestling Women’s Championship Tournament Revealed

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Since relaunching in 2017, World Series Wrestling (WSW) has been bringing the top independent talent from around the globe to Australia. Whilst every tour so far has had female competitors on the card, they have been featured as simple showcase matches with no championship to chase, but that changes with upcoming Defend And Destroy tour. During the upcoming tour in March, WSW will be holding a championship tournament featuring six of the world’s top female athletes in order to crown the inaugural WSW Women’s Champion.

Photo: WSW

Continue reading to find who is competing and why each of the competitors has earned the right to compete in this prestigious tournament.

Jordynne Grace

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Over the course of the past year, Grace has become one of the world’s hottest female performers. Grace’s resumé is littered with accolades; she is the current Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Spirit Champion, recently became the PROGRESS Women’s Champion, and also debuted with IMPACT Wrestling. Last year Grace was also the only female competitor in the All In Over Budget Battle Royal, eliminating Brian Cage before eventually being eliminated herself by Bully Ray.

With 2018 being such a big year for Grace she will be looking to keep the momentum rolling by capturing her first ever Australian title.

Shazza McKenzie

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Next up in terms of international prominence is Australian Shazza McKenzie. A 10-year veteran McKenzie has competed all around Australia and all over the globe, even appearing multiple times for WWE on NXT. Throughout her career, McKenzie has shared rings with the likes of Bayley, Madison Eagles, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Tenille Dashwood, Kairi Sane, Brandi Rhodes, Tessa Blanchard, Nicole Savoy, and many of the men from the PWA roster.

McKenzie is the current Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) Women’s Champion and a former Heart Of Shimmer and PWA Tag Team Champion so she certainly has big match experience and knows how to capture the gold.

Indi Hartwell

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Despite being the least experienced of the tournament entrants, Hartwell is definitely one competitor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Since her debut just a couple of years ago Hartwell has quickly established herself as one of the most formidable competitors in the country and has definitely earned her ‘Impressive’ moniker. In 2018 Indi captured the Riot City Wrestling (RCW), Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Newy Pro) and Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW) Women’s Championships. During the year she also competed in the US for SHIMMER and Bar Wrestling, developing a rivalry built around mutual respect with Tessa Blanchard. Perhaps in her eyes, though Hartwell’s biggest accomplishment last year was exiling fellow tournament entrant Kellyanne from Melbourne City Wrestling.

Will Hartwell be able to capture yet another championship in her already prolific career or will the return of Kellyanne to Australia rattle her psyche?


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First began her training at just 14 years of age before then traveling to Lance Storm‘s Storm Wrestling Academy in Canada and then Mexico to further develop her skills.  Another veteran competitor Kellyanne is known for her hard-hitting, athletic style which saw her develop into one of the countries premier talents before being exiled by Hartwell. Since her exile, Kellyanne has been competing and thriving in Europe wrestling for Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) and Revolution Pro (RevPro) where she has battled against the likes of Kris Wolf, Toni Storm, Laura Di Matteo, and Zoe Lucas.

Upon her return to Australia will Kellyanne be able to focus on the championship or will she become sidetracked chasing revenge against Hartwell?

Erika Reid

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Drawing from her Aboriginal heritage, Erika Reid is known as the ‘Dreamtime Witch’ and is certainly not afraid to embrace the dark side and bring the violence into the ring. To get a glimpse into just how violent Reid is willing to get check out her match with Avary from Underworld Wrestling’s first episode.

Most recently Reid has gone toe-to-toe with some top competitors – namely former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Melina and IMPACT Wrestling’s Angelina Love. Don’t underestimate Reid as she could very well be a dark horse in this tournament.

Savannah Summers

Photo: WSW

Based out of Adelaide, Summers is another veteran competitor within the Australian scene who has crossed paths with everyone and anyone with any name recognition to have competed in Australia. By not being showcased in PWA or MCW over the last year or two, Summers may not be as instantly recognizable to some fans but she is one of the countries best. Summers was the first ever and longest reigning RCW Women’s Champion and is the current Future Wrestling Australia (FWA) Women’s Champion.

Not only does Summer’s have the championship pedigree to warrant inclusion in the tournament she also has the backing of current MCW World Champion Gino Gambino.

World Series Wrestling’s Defend & Destroy tour kicks off in Adelaide on March 7 before heading to Melbourne on March 8 & 9 and finishing up in Sydney on March 10 & 11.

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