#AndNEW: Rainbow Bright Win Shine Tag Team Titles

Rainbow Bright (Luscious Latasha & Gabby Gilbert) came away with the upset victory at Shine 56. The two shocked the Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa) who had held the titles since Shine 52. Also, a surprise to the outcome was the involvement of Santana Garrett.

Rainbow Bright Win Shine Tag Team Titles

In a video promoting this match, both Latasha and Gabby referred to Santana as their new bestie. For Santana’s match at Shine 56 against Priscilla Kelly, Rainbow Bright was at ringside. They couldn’t help Santana win her match though. After that match, while Santana and Priscilla brawled, the Twisted Sisterz came out to jump-start the match with Rainbow Bright.

The match began with Holidead and Thunder Rosa holding their own until Santana and Priscilla came back through La Boom still brawling. This distraction allowed for Rainbow Bright to use their wand, using it to hit Thunder Rosa in the head. This led to the pinfall victory and NEW Shine Tag Team Champions! After the match, Luscious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert celebrated with their new bestie Santana. The alliance is solidified, and Santana is now a heel. What will the reign of Rainbow Bright bring? We’ll have to stay tuned into Shine to find out!

For the team of Rainbow Bright, this is their first reign with the Shine Tag Team Championships. Both Latasha and Gabby have held other titles outside of Shine. The two have teamed together as Rainbow Bright since 2012. They are both veterans of more than a decade and now their hard work has finally paid off.