All Elite Wrestling Top Prospects – Joshi

During the AEW press conference, Brandi Rhodes made mention that they were scouting women from all over the world to be in their women’s division.  The Joshi (Japanese women’s wrestling) scene has historically produced some of the best female wrestlers of all time, as well as huge stars like the Crush Gals, Aja Kong (who is already rumored to be on AEW’s radar) and Manami Toyota to mention just a few.  We already talked about some of Australia’s best women’s talents and now we will talk about some of the best Joshi talents that AEW could sign up (due to other partnerships, we will avoid Stardom (partnered with Ring of Honor) and Sendai Girls (Meiko Satomura‘s alliance with the WWE)).

Joshi AEW Prospects

Tsukasa Fujimoto

The winner of Tokyo Sports Joshi Gran Prix 2018.  An award previously won by Io Shirai, Meiko Satomura and many others.  The Ace of Ice Ribbon is a 6 time IcexInfinity Champion and at 35 years old has 10 years experience in the ring.  Easily the best wrestler in Ice Ribbon with a variety of great looking offence and stiff kicks Fujimoto would wow American audiences

Miyu Yamashita

The ace of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling and currently in her second reign with the TOKYO Princess of Princesses champion.  She has been adding to her repertoire of good matches over the last year as she continues to improve.  At 23 years old she still has room to grow and will only get better.

Maki Itoh

Itoh is someone that could work very well outside of Japan.  Her strength isn’t her ring work it’s her ability to draw a reaction from the fans.  She’s adorable but also has a mean streak that gives her the added bit of cool she needs to avoid being a one-dimensional babyface

Arisa Nakajima

Nakajima is one of the best wrestlers in the world.  With 13 years of experience, she is highly decorated having won 16 championships throughout her career.  She has a no-nonsense approach to wrestling and has a classic with any opponent that can match her intensity when it comes to big hits and bombs thrown.

Takumi Iroha

The ace of Marvelous and former Stardom wrestler Iroha has come into her own since joining Marvelous full time.  A fan of Chigusa Nagayo she has a great look, a cool entrance theme and some of the best looking kicks in Joshi.  Iroha has been able to put on great matches with a variety of opponents and is another one who still has time to grow.  Already really good and carrying Marvelous to new heights she is on an upward trajectory.


Yes ASUKA, no not that Asuka, this ASUKA is a transgender joshi wrestler who debuted in 2015 but is already one of the best wrestlers in the joshi scene.  She was trained by Akayo Hamada and has been a regular for Pro Wrestling WAVE but is also signed to Wrestle-1 where she usually teams with Hana Kimura.  Can do almost everything from dives and Lucha to the usual hard-hitting strong style you’ve come to expect in Japan.

Hikaru Shida

Shida has wrestled for practically every company in the Joshi scene but has settled down over the last two years with OZ Academy where she is the ace.  The fact that she has made her way to so many companies and won so many championships should be an indication of her abilities.  She has a cool look, puts on great matches and has a tonne of experience.


Riho is 21.  Riho also has 12 years of wrestling experience! She has settled into Gatoh Move over the last few years but used to wrestle for DDT and Ice Ribbon quite frequently.  She is trained by Emi Sakura and Nanae Takahashi, two people with different strengths so has a great all-around game.

Hanako Nakamori

Nakamori has taken the mantle in Pure-J and despite not getting the recognition of other talents has had some brilliant matches whenever the opportunity presents itself.  She recently had a match with Arisa Nakajima that would’ve stolen the show on any joshi show in the country.  Much like a lot of the best Joshi talent has matches that make you wince with the hits and bombs thrown.

Mio Momono

Momono has become a firm favourite of Joshi fans thanks to her work in companies like Wave, Sendai Girls and Marvelous.  She uses her small size to her advantage by doing some incredible things in the ring and excelling in high paced matchups.  Touted as a future star she does everything a little different and stands out from the crowd.

Ayame Sasamura

Sasamura is a regular for K-Dojo but has also done some good work with Sendai and SEAdLINNNG.  A junior champion in Sendai and tag champion in SEAd with Nakajima she is a talented joshi wrestler that has accomplished some good stuff in her just over 2 years in the business.

Hiroyo Matsumoto

Photo: WWE

The Lady Destroyer will be no stranger to anyone that watched the Mae Young Classic.  At 33 she would add some experience to the women’s division and at 5 ft 6 she has the size to believably compete with most women in the US size wise.  She has been a freelancer for most of her career working for every Joshi company there is which should be an indication of her talents.


Yuu has recently left Tokyo Joshi Pro and is currently wrestling on the European circuit having already debuted for Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) and Pro Wrestling: EVE, as well as Frontline in a highly rated match from owner Will Ospreay.  In TJPW she played the role of the “bully” – she has the physical advantage over her opponents and they would have to find a way to overcome her power advantage.  While she won’t be able to play this role everywhere, she developed her overall game very well in TJPW and by the time she left was one of the best wrestlers on the roster.