Preview: SUP I Am King (1/20/19)

Southern wrestling is on a rise and this Sunday one of the new indie promotions helping that ascension, Southern Underground Pro (SUP), returns with I Am King, as new SUP Bonestorm Champion Brett Ison looks to make his first title defense against the King of American hardcore, Nick Gage. You can watch past SUP events on (formerly

Photo: SUP

O’Shay Edwards vs. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham

The Atlanta powerhouse O’Shay Edwards has only been wrestling a few years, but the student of former ECW Superstar Johnny Swinger and NWA legend Robert Gibson has honed Edwards into a prime specimen in the ring. He’s facing off against a man who hasn’t been seen in SUP in over a year, but Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham has definitely kept busy – he’s been competing regularly in Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) in his home state of Ohio and as part of the Western Med Connection with Jim Nye, he’s 2x Alpha-1 Tag Team Champions in Canada with Alpha-1.

The Production (Derek Direction & Eddie Only) vs. CabanaManceDan (Mance Warner & Cabana Man Dan)

Photo: SUP

The Production makes their SUP debut on Sunday, where the faction that’s normally seen regularly in AIW will head in short one member – Magnum CK sadly had to retire late last year due to injury, following their loss of the AIW Tag Team titles. No word if other members Danhausen or Frankie Flynn will be joining Derek Direction and Eddie Only at ringside for their match, but either way it’ll be a fun one, as the duo faces a tandem featuring 17-year Southern indie veteran, Cabana Man Dan, formerly of the tag team They Might Be Giants with SUP ace Marko Stunt. Dan had to find a new partner due to Marko Stunt’s broken leg, and he’s found a worthy successor in the new Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) World Champion Mance Warner. Warner is going to be one of 2019’s breakout stars and his penchant for lunacy and violence could be the factor in deciding Sunday’s victors.

Allie Kat vs. Savanna Stone

Photo; SUP

A showcase between two rising stars from 2018 who have all the skills in the world to be two of 2019’s breakout women’s stars. Allie Kat works for Texas’ Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Inspire Pro, but last year broke out nationally, with the likes of All American Wrestling (AAW), SHIMMER, IWA Mid South, Black Label Pro, NOVA Pro and of course, SUP. Savanna Stone is only 18-years old but is wise beyond her years in the wrestling ring. She works for AAW, ZERO1 USA, RISE, IWA Mid South and more, and even competed as a 17-year old against Nia Jax on Monday Night Raw last year. Two hungry competitors looking to further their momentum into 2019.

Stokely Hathaway vs. Mr. Brickster

Photo: SUP

A relative newcomer, Buffalo’s Mr. Brickster boasts WWE/WCW legend Lex Luger as one of his mentors and made his big splash in Scenic City Invitational Futures Showcase last year as well as debuting with SUP. He’s facing one of pro wrestling’s great mouthpieces in former EVOLVE star Stokely Hathaway. Hathaway has entered the ring more often than not these days, with big wins over Orange Cassidy, CHIKARA‘s Icarus and Ultra Mantis Black, and Colt Cabana of late, and is determined to teach this rising star a lesson.

“Warhorse” Jake Parnell vs. “The Varsity Athlete” Teddy King

Another indie star destined for bigger things in 2019, former Viking War Party member “Warhorse” Jake Parnell has exploded in the past year as a solid singles wrestler. The reigning 2x ZERO1 USA World Junior Heavyweight Champion has had solid matchups with Glory Pro, Black Label Pro, SUP, Beyond Wrestling, IWA Mid South and many more throughout the past year and looks to continue his momentum into this new year. Another new star on the rise, the brash swagger of Teddy King has run him into some trouble the past year – he had a heated rivalry with Mr. Brickster – and he’ll be looking to make a name for himself further at Warhorse’s expense on Sunday. The IWA Mid South grappler is looking to build his national presence, and a big win over Parnell could do just that.

Craig Mitchell vs. Stab

Illinois grappler Craig Mitchell has been a staple with Freelance Wrestling for much of his 10-year career in pro wrestling, that has seen him wrestle for many of the Chicago indie staples, including Chicago Style Wrestling (CSW) and GALLI Lucha Libre. He made his SUP debut in 2018 and for the past few months has been plagued by interference from the mysterious newcomer known simply as “Stab“. On Sunday, Mitchell finally gets Stab in the ring to try and settle the score once and for all.

Sadkampf (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs. The Jollyville F*ck-Its (Russ Myer & T-Money)

Photo: SUP

Sadkampf is only a few months old, but the pairing of former Catch Point member (and former SUP Bonestrom Champion) Dominic Garrini from EVOLVE with Southern star Kevin Ku has proven to be a great combination. In a quest to become the inaugural Tag Team Champions for SUP, they defeated the heavily favoured Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) at November’s SUP All Eyez On Me and have broken out in NOVA Pro, Beyond Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Freedom (PWF), where they’re the reigning PWF Tag Team Champions. Much like the Carnies, they’re facing another veteran indie tag team in The Jollyville F*ck-Its, who have been teaming for 13 years in the likes of Beyond, AIW, Glory Pro and more, as former AIW and PWF tag champs.

SUP Bonestorm Championship: Brett Ison (c) vs. Nick Gage

Photo: SUP

Brett Ison is one of the Southern stars ready to make his name in 2019 and he started that run early by defeating Marko Stunt for the SUP Bonestorm Championship back at All Eyez On Me last November. He spent his formative years in IWA Mid South and is now ready to take on all comers, and on Sunday he faces one of the most violent men alive in the form of Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) World Champion Nick Gage. An icon of American hardcore, Nick Gage has become a bigger star out of 2018 than any point in his career, which is saying a lot considering he’s a former 4x CZW World Champion, AIW Absolute Champion and IWA Mid South Heavyweight Champion. This will be a bloody affair, but one that Ison needs to win to take his game to the next level in 2019.

The replay of SUP I Am King will be available on-demand on IWTV in the week or so following the event.