Preview: PCW ULTRA A2K19 (1/18/19)

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On Friday, January 18, from the ILWU Memorial Hall in Wilmington, California, PCW ULTRA presents A2K19. At this event, which was announced before 2018 drew to a close, PCW ULTRA has a card that is second to none. The new PCW ULTRA champion, ‘The King of SWERVE’ Shane Strickland, defends his ULTRA Championship against Brian Cage, while Tessa Blanchard defends her PCW ULTRA Women’s Championship against Taya Valkyrie. The event will air live on before hitting the archives on


It will be a special night filled with exciting matchups and grudges to be settled, and the most intriguing battle will be the four-way scramble to determine the new PCW ULTRA lightweight champion. A new champion is sure to be crowned on this night, but who will it be? To find out more about this matchup and the remainder of the card, read our preview of PCW ULTRA’s AK219. And for those live in attendance, lucha legend Mil Mascaras will be in the house (could he possibly appear during the show?).

Michael Marshall vs. Sinn Bodhi


This matchup is a real contrast in styles between the two men. Michael Marshall is a pro with more than a decade of experience (better known as QT Marshall, who owns/trains at the Ring of Honor affiliated One Fall Power Factory in Georgia), and he faces Sinn Bodhi who is a veteran of nearly two decades in the ring (many will remember his WWE stint as Kizarny). The biggest difference could be the psychological advantage that Bodhi’s character will grant him in such a match. The PCW ULTRA faithful are familiar with Bodhi, who competed there previously when he teamed with the monster Abyss against Warbeast in a battle for the PCW ULTRA tag team championships. Will Marshall be able to overcome the bizarre nature and look of Bodhi?

Sam Adonis vs. Garza Jr.


This match is likely to be quite controversial, as Sam Adonis now for portraying rather far right leaning antagonists that often push the barriers for many fans (such as his comments in RevPro in August that got him barred and his Trump-like rhetoric while he mostly competes in Mexico). Garza Jr will throw everything he can at his opponent in this special challenge match up. Adonis is the clear ‘rudo’ and Garza Jr will certainly do everything in his power to put him in his place. Fans will want to see Adonis beaten up before the match even begins.

PCW ULTRALight Championship: Jake Atlas vs. Fidel Bravo vs Eli Everfly vs The Oracle


A fun and highly competitive contest is sure to happen here, as these four men will go all out in this scramble match to determine the new ULTRALight Champion. This match has come about because Shane Strickland relinquished the ULTRAlight belt after capturing the PCW ULTRA championship. From amongst the four men featured in this contest, the two with the most attention from the PCW ULTRA faithful are emerging West Coast stars Jake Atlas and Ely Everfly. While fans will likely see each man get their share of offense, it is Atlas and Everfly that are likely to provide the biggest showing. But perhaps this match could feature a surprise, and we see either 10-year West Coast veteran Fidel Bravo (with Empire Wrestling Federation and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood) or mysterious newcomer The Oracle walk away as the new champion?

PCW ULTRA Tag Team Championship: Warbeast (Jacob Fatu & Josef The Almighty Sheik) vs The Death Machines (Sami Callihan & Madman Fulton)


The word violent doesn’t even begin to describe this matchup. When the ULTRA tag team champions Warbeast put their titles on the line against the new incarnation of the Death Machines, fans can be assured that absolute chaos will ensue. Death Machines, a longtime stable featuring Sami Callihan and Jessicka Havok, have begun to add new members in Major League Wrestling (MLW), adding ‘Madman’ Fulton and Leon Scott to the fray as Callihan sees fit. At PCW ULTRa, Callihan is bringing Fulton with him for the fight. Anyone that has seen Callihan perform in the ring knows that the reigning All American Wrestling (AAW) Heavyweight Champion has no fear of spilling blood, whether it be that of his opponents or his own. Sawyer Fulton has continued to build a name for himself since departing WWE’s NXT brand and is sure to do exactly what he needs to do in order to come out on top. Will this be the night we see new tag team champions crowned?

PCW ULTRA Women’s Championship: Tessa Blanchard vs. Valkyrie


In a feud that is carrying over from IMPACT Wrestling, current PCW ULTRA champion Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie are once again on a collision course. These two have developed a rivalry that suggests they will not hold back and will pull out all of the stops. Since she has the champion’s advantage, Blanchard is likely to do all she needs to do to hold onto the championship. But Valkyrie realizes this, and will do all she can to thwart Blanchard’s underhanded tactics; she was already successful in wresting the Impact Knockouts title from Blanchard. Will a new PCW ULTRA women’s champion be crowned, or will Blanchard manage to hold on to one of her titles?

Worldwide Underground (PJ Black & Johnny ULTRA) vs. Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero M & Fenix)


The Lucha Underground background of all four of these men is an undercurrent to this matchup; Johnny ULTRA (aka Johnny Impact, Johnny Mundo, etc.) and PJ Black are using the team name they use on that program, and all four have had prominent roles there, including multiple championships. Their familiarity with one another will lead to a fun and exciting battle amongst them. While elements of Lucha will be evident in this match, it will be a highly technical and competitive contest as well. The former PCW ULTRA champion Penta El Zero M appears to be heading in a different direction, and he and his brother Fenix may be headed for the PCW ULTRA tag team championships after this contest.

PCW ULTRA Championship: Shane Strickland vs. Brian Cage


The new PCW ULTRA champion, ‘The King of SWERVE’, will be sure to have his work cut out for him as he takes on veteran Brian Cage. Strickland looks to maintain his hold on the championship by successfully defending against Cage. Strickland’s unmasking of former champion Penta El Zero M made a statement about what he is willing to do in the ring. That same focus will drive him against Cage. Will the machine Brian Cage walk away as the new champion. Will the new champion be able to retain?

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