The School Of Irish Wrestling Set To Open

It was announced by Over The Top Wrestling (OTT) owner Joe Cabray on Friday that a brand new training school would be opening in Ireland.  On the same day we got a UK-based WWE Performance Center, Irish Wrestling got a place to produce more of its own talent.

Head trainer Paul Tracey has been involved in the Irish wrestling scene since 2002. He was involved in training people alongside Finn Bálor since the mid 00s and is a former NLW Champion.  He is joined by an all star team of coaches Cabray himself, Jordan Devlin and Sean Guinness.

Finn Balor and Paul Tracey in their early career together in Ireland

Cabray was a successful wrestler as Luther Ward, he had a run in NXT and was the figurehead of OTT in its early days.  Guinness has spent time in Japan with Pro Wrestling Zero-One and can bring his expertise of their training methods to the new school.  Arguably the biggest coup is NXT UK star Jordan Devlin.  Devlin has become the best wrestler in Ireland and one of the best in Europe over the last two years.

Photo: WWE

All four coaches bring experience and expertise to the table as Irish wrestling gets another school to produce talent.  The current generation of Irish wrestling talent is still making their name known, with a new school opening up the next generation is set to get even better.