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WWE Speed: Predicting A Future Women’s Edition

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During an interview on, Triple H discussed the future of WWE Speed. The episodic, social media show has been focused on matches that finish in three minutes or less, making for some rapid wrestling between some of WWE’s lesser-utilised stars.

As of late, the WWE Women’s division has been somewhat neglected, aside from those involved in title storylines. In fact, many of the most recent women’s matches on WWE television have gone shorter than five minutes.

On the subject, Triple H confirmed that the women’s roster will eventually be involved in WWE Speed. Let’s speculate on some of the potential female superstars that could (and should) be featured in any future women’s editions of WWE Speed.

Tegan Nox

The first name on this list is none other than “Lady Kane” herself, Tegan Nox. After being drafted to SmackDown during the WWE Draft 2024, there’s reason to have hope that Nox will be given storylines to work with imminently.

Her most recent work has been alongside Natalya, although Nattie’s recent emergence on NXT seems to suggest that the two won’t work together for the foreseeable future.

An opportunity in a short-form tournament such as WWE Speed would allow Tegan Nox to showcase her abilities in a way that she hasn’t been able to in recent history.

She deserves the chance to demonstrate her skills and a standout showing in this tournament would be the perfect occasion to do so.

Sol Ruca

A firm favourite amongst the NXT faithful, Sol Ruca has been captivating audiences with her recent performances on Tuesday nights.

Her matches against the likes of Blair Davenport and Lola Vice have been excellent, with Ruca putting on standout displays with every chance she’s given. 

You’d be forgiven for forgetting that she spent around nine months on the sidelines with an ACL injury, with how brilliant her performances have been in recent weeks.

Although it’s unlikely that she would win a tournament like this, it would be a similarly useful opportunity for Sol Ruca to put on a show, while mixing with some of WWE’s top talents.

Shayna Baszler

In many ways, Shayna Baszler would be perfect for a tournament that relies on matches finishing as quickly as possible. Her MMA background lends itself wonderfully to this concept and she should be presented as a force to be reckoned with.

Although she’s recently shown up on NXT, she should be among the first names on the list of contenders for this tournament.

Her powerful style of wrestling would translate well onto WWE Speed, and having her force her opponent to tap (or pass) out would present her as an unstoppable force.

Tatum Paxley

Although she is currently focused on claiming the NXT Women’s Championship, Tatum Paxley would be an interesting choice to join any future Women’s WWE Speed tournament.

She is one of the most reliable performers in NXT and, despite her obsession with the title, she could take out some of her frustrations against the other women in this bracket.

Paxley is an incredibly talented wrestler and, similarly to her other NXT colleagues mentioned, deserves an opportunity to showcase her talent on a different stage.

Piper Niven

In a role similar to that of Bronson Reed in the recent WWE Speed tournament, Piper Niven would be a brilliant inclusion to a future women’s edition.

Niven’s raw strength would make her one of the toughest competitors to stop and if you’re familiar with her work on the independent scene, she’s already proven her capabilities when working with smaller opponents.

WWE would be wise to allow Piper Niven to run roughshod through the women’s roster on her way to the latter stages of the tournament.

Positioning her as a force to be reckoned within the women’s roster would be a great plan, and it would create another viable challenger for a Women’s Championship down the line.


Another woman that has recently shown up on NXT, Michin would be a welcome addition to a women’s WWE Speed tournament.

Despite her current ambitions of becoming the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion, Michin would be a great inclusion to a female-focused instalment of WWE Speed.

She’s been unfortunate in the fact that she hasn’t been given many opportunities to perform on television in recent months. If she were to be included in a WWE Speed tournament, it would give her some more exposure and, ultimately, allow her a chance to stand out.

Candice LeRae

After spending the past couple of months embracing her dark side, Candice LeRae has become one of the more detestable characters in the WWE women’s division. Targetting Maxxine Dupri and encouraging Indi Hartwell to partake in her evil ways are just a couple of the ways that LeRae’s character has shifted.

This more brutal side to Candice LeRae has the potential to bring out the best in her, and she would be another excellent inclusion to a WWE Speed tournament.

Zelina Vega

The somewhat forgotten member of the L.W.O. lately, Zelina Vega deserves a spot in any future women’s WWE Speed tournament.

Her work alongside Rey Mysterio and co. has been good, but she’s not been the focal point of any of the storylines. With that in mind, Vega deserves an opportunity to break away and shine a light on her own abilities.

Putting her into this tournament alongside the aforementioned women would give her a brilliant chance to showcase her talent and remind audiences of the fact that she’s an extremely talented wrestler.

It’s uncertain when any future women’s edition of WWE Speed will take place, but those are the eight women that would be intelligent additions to the tournament.

Let us know if there’s anyone that we’ve missed, or that you would’ve added instead.

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