Madison Eagles Injured and Jonah Rock To NXT Confirmed?

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Overnight, Madison Eagles, one of Australia’s most decorated women’s athletes, and one of the countries greatest overall performers announced that she will be taking some time off from in-ring competition due to nagging injuries. 

Madison Eagles Injured and Jonah Rock To NXT Confirmed?

Injuries have unfortunately plagued Eagles over the last few years. One injury, in particular, forced her to miss a dream match with CHIKARA‘s Mike Quakenbush. The timing of this latest injuring comes at an incredibly unfortunate time for Eagles, who was coming off a very successful run of appearances in Pro Wrestling EVE for their SHE-1 tournament. Eagles was also scheduled for a very prominent matchup on this weekend’s PWA Black Label show.


Twitter has also potentially broken some much more exciting and positive news this week for another of Australia’s top talents. 

Since December, speculation has abounded about the legitimacy of the Jonah Rock to NXT rumour, which was first reported by the Wrestling Observer. This week a show announcement from Rock’s home promotion, Wrestle Rampage, has seemingly confirmed the rumour by stating that the upcoming show, Never Surrender, will feature Rock’s “final match in Australia.”

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