#AndNEW: WWC Titles Change Hands on Euphoria 2019

World Wrestling Council celebrated two weekends and two championships changed hand on Euphoria 2019. The Carlos Colon wrestling promotion is still behind its rival promotions, but the championships win might represent the right steps.

Bellito Win the Television Championship 

Photo: Contralona

First off was Bellito winning the WWC Television Championship? Bellito is no stranger to the championship. He was the second champion when the title was brought back by the company. He had a good rivalry against OT Fernandez and finally won the championship. After losing the title to veteran Anarchy, Bellito floated around in the mid-card. This weekend, Bellito was hunting down his title, which was held by another veteran, El Diabolico.

In the hands of El Diabolico, the WWC Television Championship saw its worst run. Diabolico was overweight and outmatched by the bright young star that is Bellito. The latter beat Diabolico in WWC Euphoria 2019 in Guaynabo, becoming a 2x WWC Television Champion in the process and returning to prominence. As we reported, Bellito has a big year ahead of him in WWC, and the television titles are just the first step.

Pedro Portillo Wins the Puerto Rican Championship 

Photo: Contralona

Pedro Portillo III is formerly known as Peter the Bad Romance. Before this win, Romance was a solid wrestler who could turn it up against anybody. He had good rivalries and held the WWC Junior Heavyweight Championship in four different occasions. Last year, his tag team with Gilbert was the only relevant thing in WWC. Now in 2019, the best heel in the company won the oldest championship in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rican championship has a great history and is the only consistent championship that WWC has. Whenever a star is on the rise, the Puerto Rican championship is a good sign of it. Pedro Portillo III beat Chicano in a bloody match at Euphoria 2019 and is now on course on having a tremendous 2019 in WWC.

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