The Lucha Brothers Assault Dragon Lee, Ultimo Guerrero And Caristico On A Collision Course

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CMLL kicked off 2019 with a banger of a show on Tuesday that saw the return of the “Mexi-King” Fenix, back from his groin injury suffered on November 24th during a match with Barbaro Cavernario which saw the current AAA Mega Campeon lose in the “Leyenda De Plata 2018” Tournament finals. Fenix participated in a trios match tagging with his brother, Penta El 0M and Dragon Lee versus the team of Cuatrero, Forastero, and Templario. A match which saw plenty of high fly moves and great tag team work from both teams. The match saw the team of the Lucha Brothers and Dragon Lee winning the match.

But the major story coming out of the match was an altercation between Lee and Penta which led to the Lucha Bros. assaulting Dragon Lee and ripping off his masks. At one point, the commentators made mentioned of RUSH and the relationship between he and Dragon Lee. After the match Dragon Lee promised revenge for what happened after the match. It will be intersting to see how this developing story unfolds.

In the main event, Ultimo Guerrero face Caristico after being challenged on Fridays CMLL Arena Mexico show. The match saw Caristico win all three falls with the first using the Tilt-A-Whirl Headsciccors, and the next two falls finishing in disqualifications on Ultimo Guerrero after low blowing Caristico giving him the victory. Ultimo Guerrero left the ring after being disqualified but not before he kicked Caristico in the nether regions one last time.

Caristico was able to get up and went to the commentator’s table and still challenging Guerrero to a Hair Versus Mask match.