BREAK OUT 2019: Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico had a fairly good year in wrestling. The scene bounced back after the recovery from Hurricane Maria. World Wrestling League had two soldout shows, Championship Wrestling Association acquired new owners and International Wrestling Association announced their return.

In the mix of all those changes, many wrestlers shined. In 2017, we published the list of top 5 wrestlers that would break out in Puerto Rico, and a year later, that list proved right. The top wrestler, Mike Mendoza, is finally the ace of WWL. He wrestled in the best matches and main evented a sold-out show against Mecha Wolf 450. His tag partner, Angel Fashion had a tremendous year too. Fashion founded Holy Fashion and took Florida by storm. The 2x Puerto Rican champion was part of the WWE tryouts in Chile and alongside Mendoza, steamrolled the tag team division in the island.

The other three in the list also impressed. Vanilla Vargas debuted with AAA, becoming a regular and being part of the WWE tryouts in Chile. JC Navarro won the WWL Latin America Championship and was part of the best heel stable in Puerto Rico, Puro Macho. Meanwhile, Justin Dynamite ended the longest championship reign in history on the island and became the new CWA Champion and the face of the rising company.

Now, in 2019, a new set of stars are ready to take over and we are left wondering, which wrestler is going to break out in Puerto Rico in 2018?

5. Roxxy 

The only female on our list, Roxxy is a bomb ready to explode. The former WWL star specializes in intergender matches and just recently found competition with other female peers in CWA. She remained in unknown indie promotions throughout the year, but she finally decided to enter CWA’s women’s division and is looking to take on their champion, Zeuxis. Roxxy was the only female this year to main event a wrestling show on the island with another female wrestler.

4. Mark Davidson 

The WWL Cruiserweight Champion had an outstanding year. Mark Davidson is the future of WWL and is finally showing off his ability. Trained by Star Roger, Davidson delivered a classic with Angel Cotto in the last WWL show of the year. His Cruiserweight Championship reign and heel persona brought stability and prestige to the championship. The “White Shadow” is destined to work his way up the mid-card in the company and with the new Telemundo PR deal, that seems inevitable.

3. Manny Ferno 

Arguably the best heel in 2018. Manny Ferno spits flame trough any promo, nobody from the new school can deliver like him. He’s arrogant, smug and can give fans a hard day. Ferno was in at least half of all main events of WWL, especially in the 800 fans sold-out in Golpe de Estado 2018. Ferno is now heading to IWA PR, to continue his feud with Savio Vega and the IWA-Originals. The leader of Puro Macho should be higher on the list, but his wrestling ability is poor. He barely can carry a good match, which is a shame with all those great promos.

2. Electro 

In 2017, in front of 800 fans in the first big show of the new era of WWL, the youngest of Puro Macho, Electro, was thrown into a table with barbed wire. Since that day on, fans have kept an eye on him, especially the wrestling media. The way he moves, his look and his daredevil demeanor started to attract fans in Puerto Rico. How good is Electro’s ceiling? In the last month, Electro challenged for the main title in WWL, faced Shane Strickland in a triple threat that didn’t let us down and even MysterioMania called for his services in front of 4,000 fans. Electro is ready to take over, he has everything to succeed and already IWA PR is continuing the work that WWL in making him the future face of the company. Expect Electro to leave Puro Macho and become a favorite of the crowds in 2019.

1. Bellito 

If there’s one guy that can save World Wrestling Council, it is Bellito. He’s as pure as a baby face can be and has the wrestling ability to back it up. The former WWC Television Champion was left in the lower card of the company, but fans haven’t lost hope on him. Bellito is everything WWC needs, he can deliver modern solid matches and can go fairly good on the mic. With a company who is already in the third spot of the wrestling rankings in the island, Bellito would need to succeed. The television actor is the chosen one of WWC, expect to see him conquering the Puerto Rican title and probably the main event in the company.