Remember The Yard: New Alliance Emerges In Defiant Wrestling

At the conclusion of this week’s episode of Defiant Wrestling‘s Loaded show, a new alliance was brought to our attention. Seemingly known as The Yard, it was revealed that Gabriel Kidd and Rory Coyle had been working together all along.

New Alliance Emerges In Defiant Wrestling

The bombshell was dropped during the evening’s main event between Kidd and The Primate, who was making his return to Defiant following his in-ring comeback from a career-ending jaw injury being announced at Refuse to Lose. Throughout Primate’s time as General Manager, he brought in Rory Coyle to dish out some punishment to the former Internet Champion due to Kidd’s disgusting actions. But as it turns out, Kidd and Coyle had been working on the same page the entire time. “The Video Nasty” whacked Primate in the ribs with a prosthetic arm but before the duo could deliver any more damage, Joe Hendry came to the rescue.

It’s a shock that no-one saw coming. Rory Coyle only debuted in August at Stacked but since then, he’s become one of the fans’ favourites, mainly because he put a beating to Gabriel Kidd. Now, he’s one of the most hated men on the roster. Who knows what will happen next but with Unstoppable quickly approaching on February 9th, expect to see some sort of contest between the four men mentioned.

Loaded airs every Sunday for free on YouTube from 8pm GMT.