IWA To Officialy Return in Puerto Rico: Tour Announced

The best wrestling promotion in the mid-2000s in Puerto Rico is officially back in 2019. International Wrestling Association, a wrestling promotion founded by Victor Quiñones, Savio Vega and Miguel Perez, will be touring in January in the island. The announcement was made yesterday in the MysterioMania show in Puerto Rico, in front of a huge crowd. Savio Vega & Shane, the Glamour Boy, were wrestling against Thunder & Lightning when El Leon Apolo interfered in the match and caused a disqualification. Savio then took the microphone and showed a video with the announcement of the official return of IWA PR.

The company will tour on the north and west side of the island. First in Quebradillas, Saturday in Manati and Sunday in Guaynabo. The company is doing an ECW-type tour with all of their originals, including El Mesias, Shane, Savio, Chicky Starr, Slash Venom, Star Roger, Chicano, Apolo, among others. Dennis Rivera who is in charge of talent relations – he’s the brother of Savio – said that after the tour, they’ll be having shows regularly and that, “If WWL, CWA, and WWC want to be number one, they’ll have to compete and learn from IWA.”

After the promo, Puro Macho, the heel stable of World Wrestling League – the number one promotion in the island – interrupted. Manny Ferno told Dennis and Savio that he “left IWA in a deeper hole than Victor Quiñones grave.” The Puro Macho vs. IWA feud started in WWL, which sold-out Golpe de Estado back in May of this year. Is unclear if WWL will approve such a dispute in the future or if Puro Mucho will jump from the promotion. Watching the current climate in Puerto Rican wrestling, it seems that an agreement will be reached.

The IWA PR had a lot of excitement from fans, but, many knowledgeable fans are worried about this living-in-the-past narrative that Puerto Ricans keep experiencing. While the MysterioMania show was a success, it remained apparent that the scene is in its worst period, with bad wrestling and no chance for the new guys. Moreover, IWA PR will have a tour that will not feature any big new name that’s exploding in the Puerto Rican wrestling scene.

The money issue for the product seems to be resolved. The promotion is investing significant money and Latin Trap producer and owner of Hear This Music, DJ Luian, seems to be involved in the economic aspect. The IWA PR will undoubtedly bring some big nostalgia crowds, but it remains to be seen if the can keep a solid run in the damage wrestling scene in the island.