#AndNEW: Australian Star Robbie Eagles Wins Two Titles in Two Days

Robbie Eagles

At World Series Wrestling‘s International Assault The Elite Takeover tour this past weekend, Robbie Eagles and Austin Aries settled their beef from last year as the former Belt Collector put his lone remaining title, the WSW World Championship, on the line against Bullet Club’s Sniper of the Skies. When the dust settled, Eagles emerged with the title, becoming the first Australian to win the belt and the 10th champion overall. One day later, Eagles achieved another first as he became the first openweight champion of the brand new 1Fall Entertainment, even if he held the title for just one day.

In that 48-hour span, Robbie Eagles, who has started to become more of a recognizable global star due to his involvement with New Japan Pro Wrestling and Bullet Club, added two new titles to his resume and even perhaps jokingly referred to himself as the “new belt collector.” Given that was Aries’ moniker for much of the last year and that Eagles took Aries’ last belt, it could be said that a torch was passed. But as it stands, Eagles only holds one active title, the WSW championship. Though, he has been a champion four separate times in 2018, which doubles the number of times he held gold the year prior.

Having made his pro wrestling debut in 2007, the 28-year-old Robbie Eagles has been one of Australia’s top names for years now. In 2008, Eagles began working for Pro Wrestling Australia, where he won his first career championship, the PWA AI GP title. Eagles held the belt for almost a year before losing it in October 2009. His next title came in 2010, as Robbie Eagles alongside partner Mat Diamond, won the PWA tag team championship.

Primarily an Australian wrestler, having worked up and down that scene, Eagles made his U.S. debut in 2011, taking part in CHIKARA‘s Young Lions Cup IX. Despite losing early, Robbie Eagles made an impression. The following year, Eagles worked a career-high 39 matches for nine different promotions, including Pro Wrestling ZERO1 where he worked his first ever tour of Japan. 2012 also saw Eagles win his first big-time singles title when he defeated Adam Hoffman and Mick Moretti for the Newcastle Pro Middleweight Championship.

By the mid-2010s, Robbie Eagles was starting to really establish himself as one to watch, picking up several more titles in his home country and home promotions of PWA and Newcastle Pro. Eagles also began to work extensively in the Australian circuit at promotions including Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, Melbourne City Wrestling, Rock and Roll Wrestling, Pacific Pro Wrestling, WrestleRampage, Riot City Wrestling, Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling and more. Perhaps most notably was when Eagles made his debut for Explosive Pro Wrestling, where he received a heavyweight championship shot in his first-ever match. If there had been any doubt of how big a star he had become in Australia, that opportunity would have put it to bed. And if there was any doubt how big a star he could be globally, his 2017 matches with Zack Sabre Jr. and Will Ospreay put that to bed as well. Eagles lost his PWA title to Ospreay but the Aerial Assassin, who has been vocal about his desire to put Australian wrestling on the map, offered glowing reviews. In many ways, this was Eagles’ coming out party to the rest of the world, a party that would continue to expand the following year.

Robbie Eagles was a household name in his home country but it wasn’t until this year that the international break out really began to happen. Eagles has made appearances for House of Hardcore, PROGRESS, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, where he took part in this year’s Battle of Los Angeles and several other events, and now of course, most notably, NJPW. Robbie Eagles made his NJPW debut in February as part of the company’s tour through Australia. This experience gave him the chance to face some top-level stars including Los Ingobernables de Japon‘s EVIL and SANADA in a tag team match with Mick Moretti as his partner, and in a three-way against Ospreay and Cody. That was probably the first time in Eagles’ career that he was in the ring with two global stars as well-known as Ospreay and Cody are, and he certainly held his own.

To hear Eagles tell it: “It was a big chance for me, and a big challenge. Especially the three way, when I was in there on my own with people of the caliber of Cody and Ospreay, I really felt I had to represent Australian pro wrestling in general. I think those matches are a big reason why I’m able to compete in New Japan today.”

While Eagles found himself on the losing end of that three-way, he did receive another chance at Ospreay in August at PWA Black Label – Call to Arms 2018, the site where a year prior he lost his title to the British sensation. The match went nearly half an hour and by the end of it, it was Eagles standing tall over Ospreay, having recorded one of the single biggest victories of his career.

“Ospreay is the best in the world…and I’ve tapped him out,” Robbie Eagles told NJPW World. In my opinion, he’s the best wrestler in the world. To be so young and still have every single step of the game, from air to ground down, he’s the best. But don’t forget- I think he’s the best in the world: and I’ve tapped him out. I’m really excited to face him in New Japan one day.”

That chance might come sooner than one may think as in October of this year, the talk of Bullet Club adding a new member from the Australian scene turned out to be true. Robbie Eagles returned to the company alongside Taiji Ishimori where it was announced the two would be representing their stable in the Super Junior Tag League. After the two had met in PWG, Ishimori handpicked Eagles as his partner telling NJPW World that “if I’m gonna team with anyone, I want Eagles.”

Ishimori and Eagles fell short of their goals to win the league but as a member of Bullet Club, Eagles has been on the winning side of things a lot lately. In fact, not counting the matches in the tag league or the three he took part in during the NJPW/Australia tour, Robbie Eagles has yet to lose a match in NJPW. At this rate it might not be long until he’s being considered for opportunities for the junior heavyweight title, a belt once held by Ospreay and one that could serve as the perfect setting for these two international stars to meet once more.

Robbie Eagles has only just started to scratch the surface of what his career could be. With an eye to expand his presence throughout the world, don’t be surprised if he becomes a real belt collector and if 2019 is the year where everyone learns the name of Robbie Eagles, Sniper of the Skies.

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