Update: Cuervo Recovering From Surgery, Angel o Demonio’s License Suspended

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As we reported yesterday, Puerto Rican wrestler Cuervo was in the hospital suffering from a fractured skull after being hit by a cinder block. This, after Mexican wrestler Angel o Demonio, in the middle of an extreme rules match, threw a cinder block on to the back of the head of the young promising star.

Today, various family members of Cuervo reported that the multiple times World Wrestling Council World Tag Team Champion had a successful surgery and that he would have seven to ten days of recovery. The cinder block was thrown to the back of the skull of Cuervo. In the video, areas like the occipital and parietal lobe seemed to be affected. In the hospital, after some cranial exams, it was shown that the Boricua had a fractured skull and a blood clot (epidural hematoma). The surgeons were able to remove the blood cloth, which, in the long run, could have caused a brain haemorrhage.  Now, Cuervo will have a few days of recovery and probably medicine for further protection.

The Association of Wrestling Promoters in Mexico (PALL) announced that a wrestling show to cover the medical expenses were going to be held on Arena Naucalpan on Thursday. Wrestlers like Pentagon Jr., L.A. Park, Hechicero and Mr. Niebla are going to be in such show. Moreover, guys like Kurt Angle, Jim Ross, and Jonathan Gresham have condemned such attack to El Cuervo de Puerto Rico.

Also yesterday, the state of Mexico announced the suspension of Angel o Demonio – the wrestler who threw the cinder block. Moreover, the commission is asking other states in Mexico to suspend the license of Angel o Demonio too. Many wrestlers inside Mexico has called for the ban the wrestlers in many indie promotions.

In Puerto Rico, the response has been incredible. Rival companies like WWC, World Wrestling League and Championship Wrestling Association – the top three promotions in the island – joined forces to report and support Cuervo in this hard moments. Wrestling pages are even passing a Change.org petition to take actions against Angel o Demonio.

Is unknown if Cuervo will wrestle again. CM Punk once had a similar injury and wrestled several years later. But, later he started to suffer from concussions and had numerous head related incidents. Cuervo’s area on the injury was on the back of the head, just above the nut. He could easily wrestle again, but not in extreme rules matches. Moreover, the way that he’ll bump in the future is going to be key for the well being of his brain. Cuervo might face a retirement decision if he starts to suffer seizures, concussions or even another blood clot in the head.