Preview: CHIKARA Cibernetico 7 Man Army (11/24/18)

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CHIKARA returns for the second to last time in season 19 this Saturday! They will be presenting Cibernetico 7 Man Army from the WrestleFactory in Philadelphia. The crown jewel of this event will be the huge 14-Man Cibernetico match. Team CHIKARA, captained by Dasher Hatfield, takes on Team Beyond Wrestling, captained by Chris Dickinson. There are however several other highly anticipated bouts full of implications in store as well.

Ophidian vs. Tony Deppen


This match is for points. Both Ophidian and Tony Deppen have 2 points to their credit in line for a Grand Championship shot. Only one man can win and walk away with their third point. Will it be the Master of Snake Style, who has been on a roll. He’s picked up victories in both of his last two singles encounters. Tony Deppen has also been on a bit of a hot streak all season long. He has only tasted defeat on two occasions, at King of Trios and all the way back at National Pro Wrestling Day. Season 19 has also been Deppen’s first in CHIKARA, so he is off to a great start in the promotion. At Cibernetico 7 Man Army, the two will war over who will be the next challenger to the Grand Championship!

Razerhawk vs. Travis Huckabee


This match is a little more personal. The Xyberhawk 2000 have been in a feud with F.I.S.T. since Go Eat Worms! in June. Razerhawk has never been able to defeat Travis Huckabee thus far, a fact that Huckabee relishes in. He has, however, defeated Huckabee’s teammate Icarus, so he does at least have a chance here. Razerhawk is also coming back from an injury that happened over the King of Trios weekend. Huckabee is also hurting for singles glory since his failed Grand Championship match. He did recently triumph over his former partner Solo Darling in atomicos action earlier this month at Don’t Go To Sleep! Both of these men are sitting at zero points and would like to get back on the leaderboard before season 19 comes to a close.

The Colony vs. The Proteus Wheel


If the last match was personal, this one is even more so. The Colony and the Proteus Wheel have been on a collision course for most of the season. The bond of the Colony itself is newly forged and hardly tested, but successful so far. The Colony even knocked Professor Nicodemus’ colossal creations out of the King of Trios. Ever since the monsters of the Proteus have been on a revenge mission.

At It Came from Beneath the Sink!, Volgar and Callux the Castignator beat the pair of Fire and Thief Ants. At La Loteria Letal, Green Ant was victorious over Volgar but by disqualification. And most recently at Don’t Go To Sleep!, Callux destroyed Fire Ant in quick fashion. Will the Ants be able to band together to overcome the massive monsters of Professor Nicodemus’ creation? Or will the Proteus Wheel continue to assert their dominance? Find out at Cibernetico 7 Man Army.

Cibernetico 14-Man Tag Team Match: Team CHIKARA (Dasher Hatfield, Hallowicked, Icarus, Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Boomer Hatfield, Danjerhawk and Juan Francisco de Coronado) vs. Team Beyond Wrestling (Chris Dickinson, Brian Milonas, Cam Zagami, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Ryan Galeone and Nick Gage)


The main event and main attraction of Cibernetico is the Cibernetico match itself. Two teams of seven will go to all-out war in the spirit of pride for their promotions. Beyond Wrestling was defeated at Clan Wars and looks to regain some glory. CHIKARA looks to defend their home and their honor once again.

Captain Dasher Hatfield carefully chose each of his teammates based on their body of work recently and as part of CHIKARA as a whole. Hallowicked and Icarus are both CHIKARA originals, having been consistent performers and quite successful. The Boar has really come into his own in season 19, which is why Dasher had to pick him for the team. Young lions Danjerhawk and his son Boomer Hatfield have left a great impression on the CHIKArmy and Dasher as well. There was only one choice to round out the team in Dasher’s eyes, the man who has dominated CHIKARA for the last two seasons: Juan Francisco de Coronado. Not all of these men see eye-to-eye but the must put that aside for the success of Team CHIKARA.

Team Beyond Wrestling is captained by the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson. Joey Janela was on hand at Don’t Go To Sleep! where he announced the rest of Team Beyond. Joining Dickinson will be his King of Trios partners, Brian Milonas and former Young Lions Cup holder Cam Zagami. Also joining the squad are the New York trio of Ryan Galeone and the Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver). Rounding out the Beyond time is quite frankly the biggest wildcard of the entire event, the ultra-violent Nick Gage. How will Gage mesh with the family-friendly CHIKARA atmosphere? How will these seven men who have faced each other on opposite sides on numerous occasions work as a unit? We’ll have to find out at Cibernetico who the winning 7 Man Army will be.

The late-breaking news is that Hallowicked has stated on Twitter that he would not be taking part in this Cibernetico Match. Will Hallowicked not participate? Will Dasher name a replacement? Or will he hold out hope that the Broadsword of Nazmaldun will fight for CHIKARA? So many questions and so little time. CHIKARA Cibernetico: 7 Man Army will take place on Saturday, November 24th. If you can’t make it out to the WrestleFactory, there are many viewing options available. You can join CHIKARA’s streaming service, CHIKARAtopia for just $7.99 a month. This membership gets you all the live streams and video on demand action your CHIKArmy heart could desire. It is also available to you if you have a Powerbomb.TV subscription. They have a ten-day free trial for new subscribers and it’s only $10.00 a month. With that $10, you get access to over 100 promotions and their content.