PAC Goes For Dragon Gate Gold on December 4

Former 2x WWE Cruiserweight Champion PAC (aka Neville) has made a huge impact in Dragon Gate, since his return to his former Japan home promotion just over a month ago. He returned to Dragon Gate for the first time since 2012, appearing at The Gate of Victory on October 2, 2018, where he joined the faction R.E.D. (Real Extreme Diffusion). Since then, R.E.D. has been unstoppable, going 12-1 in gang warfare matches with PAC in the fold, and PAC winning his only singles match, against current Mexican indie star Flamita at The Gate of Destiny last week on November 4. Shortly after his win over Flamita, he also returned to Twitter for the first time since September 28 of last year (just prior to his walk out on the WWE), with a very simple declaration.

Since then, word has come out of the UK from multiple promotions that PAC will be returning to his homeland and surrounding area at the end of the year and into early 2019, with promotions as Courage Wrestling (November 17), Big League Wrestling (November 18), Revolution Pro (RevPro) Wrestling (November 22), British Wrestling Revolution (December 21), Defiant Wrestling (January 5), and Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling (February 17).

But on December 4, 2018, he’ll finally go for his first championship opportunity since he last competed for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at a WWE Live Event in Casper, Wyoming on October 1, 2017. At Fantastic Gate at the legendary Korakeun Hall, PAC will face the current Open The Dragon Gate Champion Masato Yoshino for the top title in Dragon Gate. Yoshino is currently amidst his 4th reign as Open The Dragon Gate Champion (just surpassing 150 days) and is a Dragon Gate legend who debuted with the company back in 2004. PAC and Yoshino have deep history as well – back in 2012 and 2013, the two were part of the faction WORLD 1, that also included Ricochet, Rich Swann, Johnny Gargano, Naruki Doi, and Syachihoko BOY. Together, Yoshino and PAC even won the Open The United Gate (Tag Team) titles and held them for 224 days together, and together were two time Open The Triangle Gate (Trios/6-Man Tag) Champions – once with BxB Hulk and once with Naruki Doi. But for now, it will be the culmination of the gang warfare of late that has seen PAC’s R.E.D. in direct conflict with Yoshino’s new crew, MaxiMuM.

And for those who were wondering what kind of ring shape PAC is in since his self-imposed exile from the WWE Universe last October, he posted a photo today that can put to rest any notions that he got fat and lazy on his time away from the ring.