#AndNEW: Nina Samuels wins Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship

The UK’s number one Women’s promotion Pro Wrestling: EVE held four shows in two days for their SHE-1 Series this weekend.  After four shows of action, the final match of the weekend saw Kay Lee Ray face champion Charlie Morgan for the EVE Championship.  After what transpired NEITHER WOMAN walked out as champion, as Nina Samuels shocked the audience and won the championship.

Nina Samuels wins Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship

At this year’s huge Wrestle Queendom show that emanated from York Hall, Nina Samuels won a Wild Card Ladder Match involving other top wrestlers like Millie McKenzie, Livvii Grace, Kris Wolf, and Jetta.  By winning this, Samuels won a briefcase that allowed her to cash in for a title shot whenever she wants, much like WWE’s Money In The Bank.

Samuels picked her moment well and cashed in during the match between Ray and Morgan and walked out as EVE Champion.  Charlie Morgan’s reign ends after 190 days as Nina Samuels now holds the most prestigious women’s title in the UK, much to the dismay of the EVE faithful.

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