#AndNEW: Barbaro Cavernario Wins National Light Heavyweight

On Tuesday’s Arena Coliseo show, Barbaro Cavernario beat Atlantis to win the National Light Heavyweight Championship. This is Cavernario’s biggest win since defeating Matt Taven and Volador Jr. on CMLL Aniversario 85.

El Barbaro

Photo: CMLL

Barbaro Cavernario is one of the most promising stars in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. He was picked early on by CMLL to become one of the best rudos in the company. He has won at least four big CMLL tournaments, participated in at least three FantasticaMania tours – New Japan Pro Wrestling & CMLL shows in Japan – and has appeared in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament. Moreover, Barbaro has been wrestling alongside Los Ingobernables leader Rush, which has given him bigger spots on the card.

The Caveman gimmick is not what makes Barbaro an attraction, it’s his wrestling. Barbaro can mix it up with any wrestler on the CMLL roster. Either with Volador Jr., Dragon Lee, Hechicero or even recently against Rey Fenix, Barbaro has shown he can deliver the best matches in Mexican wrestling. The title win could cement Babaro’s run in 2018, which includes headlining CMLL’s biggest show of the year and beating the most valuable mask in all of Mexico’s. Also, he did it on his 25th Birthday!

The Fall of Atlantis

Photo: CMLL

Before he lost the National Light Heavyweight Championship, Atlantis had a 1,400+ days championship reign. Atlantis had successfully defended the National Light Heavyweight title 0n 12 occasions.  Atlantis is the currently the most valuable mask in Mexican wrestling. Why does he hold such distinction? Well, when you beat WWE Superstar Andrade “Cien” Almas, Ultimo Guerrero & Villano III for their masks, your own mask gains huge notoriety. Atlantis is the emblem of CMLL. He represents consistency and a long history of big-time matches for the company. Just recently, Atlantis presented to the public his son Atlantis Jr., who will be wrestling in next year’s FantasticaMania tour.  Its because of this that the win for Barbaro Cavernario is so important, as it represents a big step for the young rudo to beat the most valuable mask in wrestling right now.