Preview: CHIKARA Don’t Go To Sleep! (11/10/18)

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CHIKARA Pro returns once again to the Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, PA. This time they present Don’t Go To Sleep! Coming off La Lotería Letal, the action is ramping up as season 19 is coming to a close. After this event, there are only two more left for the season. As always, CHIKARA has tons of fun to be enjoyed by all in store.

Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. Hype Rockwell


One of the Proletariat Boar of Moldova’s catchphrases is Boar is War. And the Boar is on the warpath! He and his tag team partner, Oleg the Usurper, had previously teamed with Hype as the Hyper Beast Warriors. At It Came from Beneath the Sink! Hype Rockwell gave Oleg the Hyperwheel, turning on Oleg and Boar. Then at La Lotería Letal, the random selection was for Boar and Hype Rockwell to be partners. That didn’t exactly turn out well either. Now Hype Rockwell will have to answer for his transgressions. There won’t be anywhere to hide at Don’t Go To Sleep!

Xyberhawk 2000 (Danjerhawk & Razerhawk), Solo Darling & Boomer Hatfield vs. F.I.S.T. (Travis Huckabee & Tony Deppin), Hallowicked & Cornelius Crummels


We have some atomicos action in store as well. We have the team of Danjerhawk and Razerhawk joining forces with Solo Darling and young Boomer Hatfield. On the other side, is the team of F.I.S.T, Travis Huckabee and Tony Deppin, joining up with Hallowicked and Cornelius Crummels. We have former teammates Solo Darling and Travis Huckabee on opposing sides in this match. After what went down at La Lotería Letal, where Huckabee laid Solo out, she is sure to be out for revenge. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the teams interact and play into this chapter of the destruction of the Rumblebees. In addition to this story, you also have the rivalry between the Xyberhawk 2000 and F.I.S.T. You have a CHIKARA original in Hallowicked against two young stars in Boomer and Danjerhawk. And there’s always that crooked businessman, Cornelius Crummels to consider.

Fire Ant vs. Callux the Castigator


The issue between the Colony and the Proteus Wheel continues to roll on here as well. We have the “Hot Property” of CHIKARA, Fire Ant, taking on the largest monster of Professor Nicodemus’ creation. At La Lotería Letal, Green Ant was pretty thoroughly beaten up by Volgar, which Fire Ant will look to avenge here as well. Fire Ant has also been the most successful against the Proteus Wheel, holding a singles victory over Volgar. Callux however, has never been one to roll over and let someone beat him. He has promised to show Fire Ant “true pain.” This will be an epic clash.

Ophidian vs. Rory Gulak


Next, we have a first-time encounter in singles competition. We have the Amazing Rory Gulak taking on the Master of Snake Style, Ophidian. They faced off at the last event, La Lotería Letal, on opposing teams. Both men are well-traveled and tested grapplers, trainers in addition to being wrestlers and CHIKARA mainstays. This will be a great meshing of styles. Rory and Ophidian are both sleek and well-oiled wrestling machines. This will be a must-watch, can’t miss mat clinic. Which technician will reign supreme? Find out at Don’t Go To Sleep!

Lucas Calhoun vs. Missile Assault Man


The story between Lucas Calhoun and Missile Assault Man goes very far back in CHIKARA history. They were former friends and tag team partners, and both seemingly have a past with Professor Nicodemus as well. Missile Assault Man (MAM) returned to CHIKARA at Piano Lessons Can Be Murder by attacking the team of Calhoun, Jeremy Leary, and Blanche Babish. Their opponents at the time? None other than Professor Nicodemus’ latest experiments, the Proteus Wheel. MAM seems to be beyond reason and talking and is in full on attack mode.

As shown in the above promo, Lucas Calhoun is prepared to speak the preferred language of MAM: violence. Also, with the appearance of someone called “Axel Ford”, it’ll be interesting to see if he plays a factor in this as well. And who knows if Professor Nicodemus will be lurking as well? He left this interesting transmission:

Cajun Crawdad & Hermit Crab vs. Blanche Babish & Jeremy Leary vs. BLANK & Still Life with Apricots and Pears vs. Green Ant & Thief Ant


This next match is a four-way elimination match, with major point implications for the Campeonatos de Parejas standings. Only one team here has any points on the leaderboard going into this match, and that is Green Ant & Thief Ant. Now, depending on how many eliminations any team makes, if they win the match they could walk away with up to three points! Three points are the magic number for a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas. This close to the end of the season, the name of the game is all about points. All of these teams have partnered regularly so teamwork won’t be a problem. This match could very well decide the next challenger for the current Campeones, The Closers.

Grand Championship Match: Dasher Hatfield (c) vs. The Whisper


Finally, we have the Grand Championship match. Interim champion Dasher Hatfield steps up to the plate once again to defend for Mr. Touchdown. His opponent will be the mysterious and charismatic, The Whisper. These two have faced off once before, back in season 18. Dasher got the best of him in that match, causing The Whisper to lose his three points at the time. Thus, this is The Whisper’s very first shot at the Grand Championship. He has been on a roll lately, not just racking up three points, but winning La Lotería Letal with Princess KimberLee. Sloan Caprice had dreams of becoming the first man to hold both the Campeonatos de Parejas and the Grand Championship, but that didn’t happen. The Whisper has the chance to make it happen. Here he challenges for the Grand Championship and at Let’s Get Invisible, the season 19 finale, he will challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas. Will season 19 become the season of The Whisper? Or will Dasher Hatfield hit another home run? Find out by checking out Don’t Go To Sleep!

You can check out Don’t Go To Sleep! by going to the Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, or by watching online. There are now two options for CHIKARA consumption! You can join CHIKARAtopia, it’s $7.99 a month and you get access to ALL of CHIKARA’s content. New CHIKARAtopia subscribers get a free seven-day trial. You can also join Powerbomb.TV! Powerbomb.TV is only $9.99 a month and you get access not only to CHIKARA but so many other promotions. Use code CHIKARA to get a free 20-day trial.