Garza Jr. Loses Hair on The Crash’s 7th Anniversary

The Crash Lucha Libre celebrated yesterday their 7th Anniversary with a huge main event. La Rebelion Amarilla was the top heel faction in the company, headed by Garza Jr. But, yesterday, he had to put his hair on the line against his partner in crime in the stable, Bestia 666.

Photo: The Crash

The main event had very few stories coming in. Garza & Bestia didn’t have any disagreement before the Lucha de Apuestas match. Moreover, La Rebelion Amarilla has been going strong ever since this summer. Nonetheless, Garza and Bestia delivered a classic in The Crash’s hometown, Tijuana.

In the last minutes of the match, it seemed that Garza had this match on the bag. He hit Bestia with a fury of Canadian Destroyers and other piledrivers.  But, Bestia survived this vicious assault. The son of Damian 666, finished the job with an arm submission, and, in the process, winning the hair of Garza Jr. The leader of La Rebelion Amarilla accepted the defeat and went on to cut his hair in front of his beloved The Crash fans.

After the match, La Rebelion Amarilla confronted the situation. Mecha Wolf 450 entered the ring with his two partners – with no Jacob Fatu on sight –  and finally gave the sign the La Rebelion would continue as a unit.

Towards WWE? 

With the loss, the rumors of Garza Jr. coming to WWE keeps getting stronger. As we reported a few weeks ago, Garza was given a second chance by WWE to complete a second medical exam and finally join his brother Humberto Carrillo (Ultimo Ninja). Garza will probably rest the remainder of the year, before doing his physical with the WWE in the new year. Garza Jr., of the famous Garza family, is older that Carrillo, but has more experience in the wrestling industry. He is a no-brainer for the WWE who are still developing new Latin American wrestlers.