Preview: Courage Wrestling (10/26/18)

Ireland’s newest promotion Courage Wrestling runs it’s first show on Friday, October 26th.  With international stars like Paul London and Jazzy Gabert as well as names from all over the UK the card is an exciting mix of Irish and international talent.

Match 1: Phil “The Thrill” Boyd vs BT Gunn vs Nathan Byrne

Photo: Courage Wrestling

This opener features a TV star from World Of Sport sharing a ring with two very different Irish Wrestlers as you have the veteran Phil Boyd and the young up and comer Nathan Byrne. Scotland’s BT Gunn, a 3x Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) World Heavyweight Champion, was very impressive on WOS, as his team with Stevie Boy was a real highlight with the energy and ability the two showed.  Phil Boyd is always dangerous as he has the smallest package in wrestling and at any time he could roll you up and get the three count.  Nathan Byrne is not to be counted out either, he is the standout performer for Pro Wrestling Ulster (PWU) and is one of the best in ring wrestlers on the PWU roster.  A three-way with three different performers that is sure to deliver

Match 2: Club Rock Shandy (Martin Steers & Clong) & Dmitri Krakovic vs Nightmare Edition (JDP & Tron) & Luther Valentine

Photo: Courage Wrestling

Dublin vs Belfast, Fight Factory vs PWU.  A stacked six man match with two very different teams.  Club Rock Shandy are two guys who have more heart than sense and a love for Club Rock Shandy that gives them the necessary boost to try their best.  Their teammate is the gravity-defying Dmitri Krakovic who, like Clong, likes to spend more time in the air than on the ground.  They face a dominant team of a 7 foot monster and a bear.  JDP and Tron are the PWU Tag team champions and have recently come to Fight Factory to cause chaos and destroy everything in their path.  They team with Luther Valentine, who recently won the Culture Night title.  Club Rock Shandy and the Nightmare Edition actually renew a rivalry that has already seen the two teams go to war to the point that they BROKE THE RING and now we add in Luther and Dmitri for even more chaos

Match 3: Jazzy Gabert vs Kasey Owens vs Jetta vs Laura Di Matteo

Photo: Courage Wrestling

A loaded fatal four-way match featuring some awesome women.  Jazzy Gabert is the instant favorite, as she is a real freak of a human with unmatched power.  Gabert knows how to use this power to gain success as she is a former World Of Stardom champion.  Kasey Owens is a former 2x ICW Women’s champion and has become one of the central figures of that division now that Kay Lee Ray and Viper aren’t full time with ICW.  Jetta is a legend of the British scene who recently made her Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling debut, as she took on Emi Sakura and Katey Harvey.  The Irish audience will definitely be familiar with the trash talking queen.  The final participant is a pivotal member of the PROGRESS women’s division. Laura Di Matteo‘s feud with Jinny was one of the marquee women’s feuds in PROGRESS and kept them in the fan’s eyes before the division was fully established.

Match 4: Chris Ridgeway vs Tucker

Photo: Courage Wrestling

A clash of styles as WWE NXT UK star Tucker takes on “Hard as F*ck” Chris Ridgeway.  Ridgeway is a shoot style fighter who has been gaining some name value in 2018, having reached the final of PROGRESS Wrestling‘s Natural Progression Series and then capturing International Pro Wrestling: UK (IPW)‘s International Super 8, a tournament previously won by Zack Sabre Junior.  Tucker has become Northern Ireland’s biggest star since competing in the first WWE UK tournament.  He is one of the cleanest high fliers in Europe as he can make the most complicated moves look easy when he gets rolling.  A striker vs a flier as two stars clash

Match 5: Rhia O’Reilly vs Charlie Morgan

Photo: Courage Wrestling

“Fighting Irish” Rhia O’Reilly comes back home to compete in Dublin for Courage.  O’Reilly has become a cult favourite in leading women’s promotion Pro Wrestling: EVE with her no-nonsense hard-hitting fighting style matching well with her personality to make her a very charismatic figure.  Her opponent is one of the UK’s hottest prospects.  “The Ace of EVE” Charlie Morgan main evented the biggest women’s wrestling show in European history, has competed in WWE NXT UK, and been a part of the PROGRESS women’s division as part of the House of Couture.  Two big names in women’s wrestling clash as a brawler faces a daredevil in a match that is sure to steal the show.

Match 6: Paul London vs TK Cooper

Photo: Courage Wrestling

Paul London wrestles in Ireland for the first time since 2006 as the former WWE star comes to Courage Wrestling.  In his prime, London alongside Brian Kendrick wowed audiences with their aerial displays.  London needs no introduction to any independent wrestling fan.  TK Cooper was the first name announced for Courage and helped them announce themselves with a bang.  The former South Pacific Power Trip member was at one point the hottest commodity in the UK, as his team with Travis Banks earned the two a reputation as the best team in the UK.  Now more of a singles wrestler, Cooper has transitioned well into being on his own as he is still a risk taker that can inflict damage on his opponents from any position.