Preview: ASWA Only The Strong Survive (10/20/18)

All-Star Wrestling Australia (ASWA), which debuted earlier this year in April, is another demonstration of the growing strength and popularity of the Australian wrestling scene. Based out of Illawarra in New South Wales, All-Star Wrestling is presenting its fifth show, Only The Strong Survive. Featuring a Three Way Dance, a Chain Match, and much more, Only The Strong Survive is shaping up to prove the depth of the New South Wales wrestling scene. Headlined by two behemoths battling over the All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, the event is looking strong top to bottom:

Abaddon vs. El Jaguar

Abaddon is undefeated in ASWA, debuting for the company in May, while El Jaguar is competing in his first singles bout for the organization. Abaddon and El Jaguar are the top two high flyers in the company, and will look to tear the house down in this one. This will be the match of the night, and will be the perfect opener to ignite the crowd to start the evening off right. Look for Abaddon to drop his first match here, and for El Jaguar to get the win.
Prediction: El Jaguar

Johnny Starr vs. Tony Cruise

Both men were on opposing sides in a six man tag in August, where Starr’s side scored the victory. Cruise, clearly unhappy with how things went down, then issued a challenge to Starr in a one on one match to settle things between them. Starr and Cruise will have a good contest, but in the end, Cruise will get the win, using some underhanded tactics to score the pinfall. Look for these two to have a rematch down the line.
Prediction: Tony Cruise

Dean Draven vs. Scotty Haim vs. Vinnie Bronson

The experienced Draven will be putting his veteran wherewithal to the test in the three way bout. In addition to that, he will have the size advantage over both of his opponents, so lookf for him to get double teamed early as he will pose the biggest immediate thret. Scotty Haim, who’s at the top of most cards he works in New South Wales, and is currently the Suplex Pro’s Heavyweight Champion. He’ll be the entertainment in the match. Bronson is newer to the company, and has yet to establish himself in it, but things will turn around for him here. Look for Bronson to get the pin, and to make himself a threat in ASWA going forward.
Prediction: Vinnie Bronson

Dan Archer w/ Vinnie Bronson vs. “The Birdman” Phil Picasso

Archer is coming off of a loss at the last show, where he teamed with Bronson against El Jaguar and Prince of Leon in the first round of the ASWA Tag Team Title Tournament. Picasso, on the other hand, was on the winning side of a six man tag match. The grizzled veteran Picasso will look to use his experience here to defeat the underhanded Archer. Using dirty tactics, though, Archer will get the win.
Prediction: Dan Archer

Daniel Alexander vs. Nate Carlo

Both men are making their ASWA debut here. Carlo is has worked all over New South Wales, and is now adding All-Star Wrestling to his resume, while Alexander is wrestling in front of his home town crowd. Both men are looking to make a name for themselves in the organization, so expect them to pull out all the stops in this match to get a head start in the company, and start out undefeated as they look to climb the ranks.
Prediction: Daniel Alexander

Chain Match: Hudson Hulk vs. Lee “The Man” Morrow

Hulk and Morrow have clashed several times, and are now looking to finally end their tension with each other, in a Chain match. After Morrow utilized a chain to attack Hulk over the summer, ASWA management have decided that the best way to end things between these two, is in a match that allows its usage. Hulk and Morrow are both strong individuals, and look for that strength to come into play in the brawl. Don’t expect a lot of technical wrestling here, as these two are coming to the ring looking for a fight. In the end, though, Hulk will get his revenge in Morrow for the chain attack.
Prediction: Hudson Hulk

ASW Heavyweight Championship Match: “The Machine” Blackstone (c) vs. Goran Nikolov

Nikolov, making his return to All-Star Wrestling for the first time since July, during which time, he was working with Tasmanian Championship Wrestling in Launceston. Both men emphasize their strength in the wrestling game, and will continue to do so here. Expect plenty of strong man spots and power moves, as these two hosses clash. The Machine, however, has some unfinished business with Kingston Eclipse, against whom he defended his title last show in August. Both men crashed through a table, and the matched ended in a double countout. Don’t expect Eclipse to take that missed opportunity lying down. Look for him to get involved here, to set up a final payoff down the line.
Prediction: Blackstone