Preview: APW Never in Your Wildest Dreams (10/13/18)

Photo: APW

Adrenaline Pro Wrestling, based out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is one of the newer promotion in Victoria, having opened up shop in July of 2017, but has put together a stellar card coming up on Saturday, October 13th. Never In Your Wildest Dreams takes place at the Cranbourne Indoor Sports Center, and the main event is the big draw of the evening: Kellyanne versus Dowie James. Two of Victoria’s best are set to go toe to toe in a first ever match up. On top of that, the show features a couple of AWP versus Pro Wrestling South Australia (PWSA) bouts, including an APW Championship match. Let’s run down what they have in store for us:

Lil Onyxxx vs. Zane Zodiac

Photo: APW

Onyxxx, representing PWSA will be challenging Zodiac from APW. These two will put on quite the show, as both can really move, and sprinkle in some high spots to get the crowd going. Don’t sleep on this one. To continue with the interpromotional angle that will be running through the evening, it would make the most sense for Zodiac to win here. Both are young, and will have a lot to show as they keep going, so keep an eye for these guys.
Prediction: Zane Zodiac

Jayson Krash vs. Michael Weaver

Photo: APW

In the first of several APW versus PWSA bouts, Jayson Krash, the resident big man for APW, is going head to head against PWSA’s enforcer, Michael Weaver. As expected, this one will provide all the tough guy spots you’d expect from a hoss fight like this. This will be the perfect way to start the night, as a quick and intense strike-fest mixed with power moves will set the tone for the evening. However, with another interpromotional match later on in the evening that appears APW will win, the PWSA man will take this one home.
Prediction: Michael Weaver

Vixsin & ?? vs. Retro Revolution (Johnny Reset & Terry Shaw) vs. Band of Brothers (Jeremy Smacks & Callen Butcher) vs. The Oner Brothers (Billy & Gordy Oner)

Photo APW

Multi-team tag matches are always fun. With the kind of talent in this one, it will be one you won’t want to miss. Vixsin is a staple of the Australian wrestling scene, and has been for years. She’s been all over the country, so narrowing down her tag team partner would be tough, but perhaps we’ll see Savannah Summers take that spot. The team to keep an eye on will be the Oner Bros. They’re new, but very athletic, and are more than willing to work hard to make a name for themselves. Look for them to steal one here.
Prediction: The Oner Bros

The Mile High Club (Jett Rouka & Tyson Baxter) vs. Syd Parker and Erika Reid

Photo: APW

Parker and Reid are two of the most popular names on the Victorian independent scene. Making a splash in Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) and Underworld Wrestling as well, these two are synonymous with Melbourne wrestling. The high flying duo of Rouka and Baxter will match their intensity, and the combination of these four—who are all willing to take risks—will create some memorable moments. Rouka and Baxter will gain some notoriety from having such a stellar performance, but Parker and Reid will get the win, and keep their big league heat.
Prediction: Syd Parker & Erika Reid

Alan Payne vs. Aiden Miller

Photo: APW

The crazed Alan Payne creates can spark something in a crowd that’s different than what the rest of the card can. He regularly works MCW, Battle Championship Wrestling, and Premier Pro Wrestling, all in Victoria. His insanity gimmick, in addition to his underrated working ability, always makes him a valuable part of any card. Miller, however, has been on a tear since he stepped in to APW. Miller is just beginning to make his mark around the Melbourne scene, but he’s rising rapidly, and causing terror in APW. If anyone can put a stop to Miller, it’s the crazy Payne. But he won’t.
Prediction: Aiden Miller

APW Vs. PWSA Match for the APW Championship: Tecneko (c) vs. Matt Hayter

Photo: APW

Hayter, the current PWSA Champion, will be challenging to become a double champion. Tecneko is coming off of his first title defense at Made in Meowbourne last month, which is in contention for best event name of the year in my book. Going up against Matt Hayter will be a great second challenge, as these two will put on a show. In the end, however, Tecneko will retain, as its too early to switch the belt, not to mention to someone specifically representing a different company, but it will be a solid match.
Prediction: Tecneko

Dowie James vs. Kellyanne

Photo: APW

Oh boy. So if you’ve ever seen either of these two perform before, you know how good they are. James, a former MCW heavyweight Champion, is one of the top performers for Australia’s biggest promotion, is a great wrestler, who works in high flying spots at the perfect times in his matches to construct the story. Kellyanne, who’s recently won the GLOW IRL tournament in Victoria, has been a staple in several Australian promotions. She’s even wrestled in the USA, for companies like Shimmer and Wrestlecon. Her ring psychology is brilliant, and she crafts great finishes. These two will have the match of the night. I expect this match will have ample time for these two to work their magic, so look for this one to build nicely. Kellyanne has made it very clear she has her eyes set on the UK wrestling scene, and will be heading there soon. Because of that, I anticipate her putting Dowie over here, before she makes a splash in Europe.
Prediction: Dowie James

Photo: APW


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