Preview: AAW Austin 10:12 (10/12/18)

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AAW Pro has presented some very exciting shows in 2018, most recently was the AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament in September. Sami Callihan won that tournament, defeating another former AAW Heavyweight champion in the Finals, ACH. “The Callihan Death Machine” showed respect to Jim Lynam on social media after his big victory, Callihan is becoming the beloved anti-hero of AAW Pro instead of the sinister top champion. AAW Pro will be back later this month with AAW Dia De Los Luchadors from Illinois, but first is AAW Austin 10:12 from Austin, Texas. This will be the Texas debut for AAW Pro, there are eight very different and fresh matches on the card for Friday night. Let’s see who could make this night an unforgettable one for the Texas crowd and who could rise through the ranks to the main events.

Photo: AAW

Laredo Kid vs Jason Cade

Laredo Kid may have kid in his name but he has fifteen years in wrestling behind him, including stints in Mexico and Impact Wrestling. This match with Jason Cade is a rare chance for both to show AAW what they can do in a singles match. The AAW Heritage Championship would be a great goal for whoever wins this match, the high-flying style has been the chosen style lately for those title matches. Cade has considerably less experience than Laredo Kid, although Cade just started wrestling in 2012 he has been in multiple promotions and main evented WrestleCon during WrestleMania weekend last year. Cade has a big upside, if the spectacular Frogsplash lands, it could be Cade appearing in many more AAW events to come.
Prediction: Jason Cade wins.

Paco vs Curt Stallion vs. Stephen Wolf

Photo: AAW

Curt Stallion has been inserted between this feud of Stephen Wolf vs Paco, as Wolf has shown his true colors by turning on his former partners for a singles career. This is a good time for the Texan, “Lone Star” Stallion, to break out for further singles matches. All of these competitors are great tag team wrestlers but they can be even better singles wrestlers, Stallion has been competing in AAW for two years now and a win in his hometown could lead to a future title match. Wolf has the most to lose but a post-match attack looks to be in the cards.

Prediction: Curt Stallion wins.

The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) vs Extra-Talented (Aaron Solow & Ricky Starks)

Photo: AAW

It’s time to cue up Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply” because The Besties In The World are coming back for the AAW tag team championships or they will end the team trying. The valet to The Besties, Scarlett Bordeaux, has been causing dissention because the focus has been on her and not the former champions. Matt Fitchett may be the reason he and Davey Vega part ways for singles careers unless a big win here happens. Extra-Talented are no pushovers, Aaron Solow is the winner of Amazon’s Dojo Pro Black Belt and Solow recently challenged for the Ring Of Honor TV championship on ROH TV. Solow has been teaming with Ricky Starks for the past year with mixed results, Extra-Talented could really use the victory and big matches in the near future.
Prediction: Extra-Talented win.

Texas Showcase Mayhem: Ryan Davidson vs Fuego Del Sol vs Barrett Brown vs Kody Lane vs J Serious vs Andy Dalton

This is a true Showcase match, an opportunity for one young or seasoned wrestlers to shine and get a win over five other athletes looking to do the same. Ryan Davidson has spent the past year in DDT Pro, this returning Heavyweight will be coming in with guns blazing. J Serious wrestles for Heavy Metal Wrestling and Sabotage Wrestling in Texas, the local talent could already walk in as favorites in this multi-man match. Andy Dalton has wrestled in AAW Pro before, mostly in tag team matches. Barret Brown is the choice to beat all odds, “50 Caliber” has been wrestling since he was 15, Brown is ready for whatever is next after already appearing every top promotion in the United States. Fuego Del Sol is looking to be a spectacular luchador like The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix) but he will need more than four years experience. “Always Ready” Kody Lane is the wild card, he teams with ACH as “Team Acedamia” for ACW, Lane could parlay that into a major singles career.
Prediction: Barrett Brown wins.

Kylie Rae vs Thunder Rosa

Kylie Rae just started wrestling two years ago but she has already won the 2018 CWA Raven Black Tournament and become the Reality Of Wrestling Diamonds champion three times in Booker T’s Texas promotion. Rae is always very excitable and improving at a very fast rate but Thunder Rosa has been a big challenge in the past. Thunder Rosa, also Kobra Moon on Lucha Underground, is a Texas favorite from matches in Wrestle Circus and many other promotions. Rosa and Holidead currently reign as the Shine tag team champions. This is a great win for Kylie Rae to beat a woman she looks up to so much, and Rae can show everyone what she has learned since pinning Scarlett Bordeaux last month. AAW women’s champion Jessicka Havoc has to be watching intently as a challenger could come out of the result.
Prediction: Kylie Rae wins.

Myron Reed & AR Fox vs The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

Photo: AAW

Myron Reed defeated AR Fox in the AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament and now they team against the former AAW tag team champions, one of the most successful teams in AAW history. “Hot Fire” and AR Fox is going to be a remarkable team to watch, both perform big dives to the floor and wrestle with seemingly reckless abandon. Zachary Went and Dezmond Xavier however are one of the fastest rising and most exciting tag teams in the world right now and they have the championships from several promotions to prove it. Wentz has improved his strikes a lot and Xavier is even faster in the ring than ever before. This match could easily go either way, it’s Went and Xavier though that should escape moves like the 450 Splash before hitting a tag team combination that blows the roof off.
Prediction: Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz win.

ACH vs Eddie Kingston

Photo: AAW

This is more than a Grudge Match, ACH looked up to Eddie Kingston but Kingston wouldn’t send that same respect ACH’s way. The WRSTLING faction of Kingston, Jeff Cobb, David Starr and Trevor Lee beat down ACH and now the former AAW Heavyweight champion wants revenge. WRESTLING was a major factor in ACH losing that championship, ACH was worn down from all those title defenses by the time Brody King beat “Super” ACH for the AAW Heavyweight championship. This is a win ACH will always remember, the day he beat one of his hero’s in wrestling and ascended to the next plateau in his career. ACH has so many ways to win a match from the Brainbuster to the 450 Splash, Kingston wrestles with the style of a Junior Heavyweight but with heart of a champion.
Prediction: ACH wins.

AAW Heritage Championship: Trevor Lee (C) vs Rich Swann

Photo: AAW

Trevor Lee has been the reigning AAW Heritage champion for most of 2018 with some big victories but Rich Swann is a contender that could put a stop to all of that momentum quickly. Swann has been a vey welcome addition to the AAW roster but he hasn’t won gold since returning to independent wrestling. “The Carolina Caveman” has a adapted a more traditional style since his association with the WRSTLING faction but he still performs the sensational crossbody flip in mid-air and cheats his way to title defenses if necessary. Swann can fly with the best of them in wrestling and has hard strikes but Lee will have many of these moves scouted. Trevor Lee will established himself as a force with the AAW Heritage Championship before a potential Heavyweight Championship reign.
Prediction: Trevor Lee retains the AAW Heritage Championship.

Jimmy Jacobs & Brody King vs Sami Callihan & Darby Allin

Photo: AAW

Jimmy Jacobs calls himself “The Kingmaker” after managing Brody King to the AAW Heavyweight championship and wrestling as a tag team partner alongside King. Jacobs and King have so much in common as far as personal lifestyles and hardcore wrestling goes but the exact same could be said of their opponents. Sami Callihan won the AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament so a championship match with King after this tag team war will all depend on Callihan and Darby Allin winning. Callihan pinned Jimmy Jacobs with a Piledriver through a barricade at in a wild match at AAW Defining Moment so Jacobs will want the final spoils of war. Darby Allin has become so versatile in the past year, Darby Allin should get the surprise win by exploiting the champions weaknesses and that’s stamina. Brody King’s spot at the top of AAW is going to be seriously tested in the coming months with plenty of enemies after King’s title defense against Pentagon Jr.
Prediction: Darby Allin and Sami Callihan win.