Preview: MCW New Horizons (10/5/18)

This Friday, just one day before WWE Super Show-Down, Melbourne City Wrestling presents New Horizons. Capitalizing on the pro wrestling buzz from WWE’s biggest show in the country since 2002, MCW will put on some of their biggest match ups, and start off a weekend of wrestling for Melbourne. Featuring three title matches, New Horizons sees Aussies that have gained international notoriety like Jonah Rock, Robbie Eagles, Adam Brooks, and Kellyanne, not to mention the interstate talent they’ve brought in like the Untouchables. It will be a perfect start to a wrestling weekend.

Dowie James vs. “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks

Photo: MCW

Last month at Fight to Survive, James and Loverboy were on opposing sides of a five on five elimination tag match, Survivor Series style. Loverboy, in his typical arrogance, called the former MCW Heavyweight Champion in the ring…who promptly eliminated him. Hendricks obviously wasn’t happy, and this match was set up. Loverboy has been slowly but surely on the rise this year, and pairing with James is a great next step. James won the top MCW crown last December from Jonah Rock in great cage match, and held it until April where Gino Gambino turned heel on him to take the title. After chasing back the belt and falling short, James now has to shift his attention. This match will be very solid, and expect some shenanigans from Loverboy, as usual.
Prediction: Dowie James

The Untouchables (Damien Slater & Marcius Pitt) vs. The Natural Classics (Stevie & Tome Filip)

Photo: MCW

Slater and Pitt, who typically work out in Western Australia, have worked for MCW twice already this year, so hopefully since they’ve been brought in for a third time we’ll start seeing them more and more in Melbourne, as they’re one of the best tag teams in Australia. Stevie and Tome who debuted individually earlier this year for MCW, are becoming increasingly central to MCW cards, especially Stevie who’s super popular with the crowds. These four will be able to put on a terrific match, and with really good work and plenty of high spots.
Prediction: The Natural Classics

Shazza McKenzie vs. Indi Hartwell

Photo: MCW

McKenzie, whom you may have seen on NXT a couple times this year as an enhancement talent, has made quite a name for herself. In addition to her work on the Australian scene, she’s also worked for SHIMMER and RISE in the United States, and even participated in CHIKARA’s King of Trios Tournament earlier this year. Speaking of making a name for herself, Hartwell, who only debuted in 2016, has already been the Women’s Champion in Riot City Wrestling, Battle Championship Wrestling, and Newy Pro—at the same time. Both of these performers are very smart, and Hartwell excels at connecting with the crowd, so expect good things from this one.
Prediction: Indi Hartwell

Caveman Ugg vs. Jonah Rock

Photo: MCW

These two have had a series of classics in Pro Wrestling Australia in Sydney, so it makes all the sense in the world to pair them up whenever you can. This will be a monster versus monster match, with some stiff shots thrown in. Rock, who has wrestled in the last two Battles of Los Angeles for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and not to mention PROGRESS Wrestling, has established himself as an international independent star. Ugg is underrated as a worker, and is more than solid in the ring. It would be easy for someone with his gimmick to lose seriousness in their matches, but Ugg blends fun with technique beautifully. These two will try to steal the show.
Prediction: Jonah Rock

Kellyanne vs. Avary

Photo: MCW

Kellyanne is one of the best hands in Australia. Originally being trained Down Under, she got supplemental training by Lance Storm in Calgary, and has worked in both Mexico and the USA, in addition to the Australian indies. Recently, she’s made it clear that soon she’ll be heading to Europe to make her mark there. Avary is growing on the Aussie scene. She’s getting more and more chances in the ring, not just a manager, and working is Kellyanne is perfect for her. After some trash talk, Avary attacked Kellyanne backstage, and added some heat to this match. Look for this feud to help set up Avary strongly.
Prediction: Avary

Elimination Match for the MCW Tag Team Champions: The Brat Pack (Mitch Waterman & Nick Bury) (c) vs. Men For Hire (Campbell Crawford & Jake Lindo) vs. Helter Skelter (Ali & Jake Andrewartha) vs. Fun Time Trouble (Fun Time Phil & Mike Burr)

Photo: MCW

Anytime you have eight participants in a match, it’s going to be bonkers, and this will be no exception. After the Men for Hire asked around and found out they were nobody’s favorite tag team, they received word that they had been entered in this match up, and now they have a chance to prove themselves. The Brat Pack have been a featured tag team in the company for some time now, and have even headlined shows before. Helter Skelter is presented as a monster tag team, but really don’t get enough wins to be received as the threat they’re presented as. Phil and Burr is a great pairing, as Fun Time Phil lives up to his name, and Burr is a hardened, no nonsense ring veteran. I expect the Brat Pack to walk away with the titles in this one, but I also think the Natural Classics will issue a challenge afterwards, which would really freshen up this tag team division.

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Match: Slex (c) vs. Adam Brooks

Photo: MCW

Slex is perhaps one of the most underrated Aussie wreslters today. He’s worked with so many top performers, most notably Kazuchika Okada, and has had killer matches with so many, it’s shocking he’s not more talked about. This IC title run alone has seen him work with Robbie Eagles, Davis Storm, and Will Ospreay. Brooksy, on the other hand, is doing everything he can to have his name in international circles. He spent eight months on excursion in the UK, and in September even participated in PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. Even before he returned to Australia, he hinted that he was coming for Slex’s belt. Now, two of Australia’s best are competing for probably Australia’s best secondary title. If you sleep on this one, you will miss out.
Prediction: Adam Brooks

MCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Gino Gambino (c) vs. Robbie Eagles

Photo: MCW

Gambino won the title from Dowie James earlier this year, by turning heel, and getting some assistance from Sebastian Walker. After a few successful title defenses, he led a team of five to headline Fight to Survive last month, in a Survivor Series style match. In it, he was pinned by Robbie Eagles, earning him a title opportunity. Eagles, simply put, is phenomenal. He has started getting work with PWG, and alongside his countrymen Jonah Rock and Adam Brooks, took part in their annual Battle of Los Angeles. He works his high flying spots into a match at sensical times, and can even blend some strong style into his matches as well. “Mr. Juicy” Gino Gambino loves working in some comedy in his bouts, but because of that he sometimes doesn’t get the credit he deserves as a technical worker. He’s a big fellow, so this match will no doubt have some of those big man/small man spots, but knowing these two, it be done creatively, and won’t be bogged down by the size difference. Gambino has been champion all summer, and a babyface championship win would be just the thing to kick off a major weekend in Australian wrestling.
Prediction: Robbie Eagles

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