Preview: AAA Gira de la Conquista – Uriangato (9/30/18)

TripleMania XXVI is over and AAA Worldwide looks to cover ground before their Heroes Inmortales XII show on Octuber 28 with their Gira de la Conquista. In this Twitch live event, AAA looks to build towards that feud and many others like Psycho Clown & LA Park vs. Murder Clown and rising star Killer Kross.

Some key elements and champion are missed in this show and in Heroes Inmortales. The main champion Rey Fenix, will be missing both shows. He has appeared in CMLL lately. Pentagon Jr. is also missing. Sammy Guevara has yet to appear and he’s the AAA Cruiserweight Champion. Also, Bandido & Flamita, who have tag team titles opportunities are missing from this tapings.

Australian Suicide & Villano III Jr. vs. Dinastía & Hijo del Vikingo

Australian Suicide comes from losing his AAA Cruiserweight Championship against Sammy Guevara on TripleMania, so this match is likely to set him on to a good track. Hijo del Vikingo is the most promising star in this match and AAA will likely give him a lot of spots to shine.

Drago & Aero Star vs. Puma King & Golden Magic

This is a promising match. The brightest stars from AAA take the stage here, with the duo Drago and Aero Star looking to get back on track after failing to win a chance at the AAA World Tag Team titles. Puma King has really impressed in the United States, but has yet to have a meaningful impact in AAA. Could this be the match? Moreover, Aero Star is dealing with some rumors of quitting AAA and having a new journey in wrestling. 

Murder Clown & La Parka vs. Taurus & Monster Clown 

Not really know what to expect here. Parka and Taurus had a face off in TripleMania in the Faby Apache/Lady Shani match, so this could lead to something here. The clowns are now fighting each other, which happened some months back in another set of tapings after a betrayal. Don’t expect anything too crazy in this match, since Murder will be in the main event of HI XII against LA Park & Psycho Clown (his old partner).

Los Mercenarios (Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr. & La Máscara) vs. Maximo, Mamba & Pimpinela Escarlata 

Los Mercenarios are like a off-shoot of Los Ingobernables group in CMLL, with La Mascara as their new member – former LI member in CMLL. The latter betrayed his cousin Maximo in the last tapings taking the side of the AAA World Tag Team Champions. The Exóticos team will look to surpass the rising stable, but that will be a hard task. Prepare for a epic battle between the Alvarados cousins.

Rey Wagner & Psycho Clown vs. Jeff Jarrett & Hijo del Fantasma

Various stories coming to this main event. Wagner and Jarrett have a bitter feud that will end in a hair vs. hair match at Heroes Inmortales. Psycho Clown will be in the semi main event on HI XII, so he will look to establish himself as the big guy in this match. Finally, Hijo del Fantasma, one of AAA’s and Mexico’s top wrestler, is on a limbo since losing his mask against LA Park in TripleMania XXVI. This match will likely end on chaos, with the microphone being the way to promote after such chaos. Expect a lot of interferences and run-ins.